Northeast rain

Life is not easy when is rains 4 days of 7 days per week.<p>Once I get caught up with my present biz I<br>plan to run a small classified for a month.<p>There is going to be lots of customers looking to change do to thier present contractors unability to service the job.<p>Plus with the grass being so wet and high there will be dead commercial mowers lining<br>up for service at the power equipment dealers.<p>Put yourself in a position to take work away from other contractors who can't cut the mustard. <br>


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The strange thing about it is, even though its been damp and raining the past week the ground is still dry underneath. I had a guy dig up some turf for me yesterday, the soil underneath was so dry and hard he couldnt cut thru it with the bucket had to use the backhoe to scrape up the turf.<p>Bill


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this rain is starting to piss me off.....<p>At my full time job, we can't mow our airfield because its so dam wet and it won't dry up. Grass is tall today and can only imagine what it will be like by the time it all dries out (airport is all wetlands to begin with) We're gonna be mowing 7 days instead of 3 and then have to turn right around and start the whole process right over again. Not looking forward to it. We always get slammed on our first cut. <p>Part time, (where my money is involved), I can't take it. Working a new lawn install at a site that is wet naturally and am getting no where quick. Rented a tractor for this past weekend and ended up doing more damage than good. Can't take much more of this. <p>I'll never do a job like this one in April again......<p>steveair<br>


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i cant deal with this rain anymore! not only was this whole week scheduled for cutting (12hours a day) but the sat and sunday i have scheduled 12 hour work days to do mulching! now i cant do my mulching so i can get caught up with my mowing for the week. im screwed by this rain!


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lawnguy and Stone, you mentioned that the ground was still hard packed. Down here in FL, weve been in a drought for a long time, although we are just now getting some rain. Eventually the ground will soften up. Do you have a problem with rutting from the weight of the mower in soft damp soil and what do you do to combat this? I just recently purchased a 52&quot; Z. The walk-behinds never presented a problem, but I suspect this mower will. Thanks


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&quot;Dear Lord,<br>Thank you for the many hidden blessings you give us each day;<br>Thank you for strength each day to get up & be out & about, rather than be in the hospital racking up a huge medical bill.<br>Thank you for mental strength to go about daily lives, as some see the outside world only by looking thru a window all day.<br>Thank you for the entrepeneurial drive you give a select few, to break out of comfort zones & carve a name for themselves & take charge of their own lives, while others work 9 to 5 for someone else & complain, but stay there.<br>Thank you for the smarts to use our brains during down times to catch up on paperwork, new bids, maintenance, other odd jobs we can't do when we're busy, etc. <br>Thank you for the rain, although it may seem excessive, because it means we have a promise of work to look forward to, rather than last year's drought, which meant little to NO work for weeks at a time. <br>Finally, thank you for this week, in which many will celebrate the death, burial, & resurrection of Jesus, which gives hope & fulfillment in life to many, & helps give peace of mind during adverse times such as these.&quot; Amen.<br>Thought I might say a prayer for us Lawncare profession guys, to send down a blessing or two, free of charge, to help us out.<br>I'm not pointing any fingers; they're pointing back at me. I tend to gripe as much as the next guy. It is important to vent frustration; after my venting, I've had this down time to think about what I HAVE been blessed with in life already. I remember how bad it got with last year's drought. 2 months of mowing places once a month-that hurt. All the more reason to get my fertilization license, too. That will at least meter it out a little.<br>I knew (but hoped for the best) that I ran this risk when I jumped full time into lawncare/landscaping this year; dealing with what &quot;mother nature&quot; gives us is always a gamble. I'm just always looking into things to supplement weather extremes (that aren't weather-dependant).<br>Have a good week, & keep your chin up- We're the envy (most times) of the mundane workaday world!<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<p><br>


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Thank God I live in sc. Where it rarely rains more than 2 days at a time any time of the year. Usually after may all we get is afternoon thunderstorms and them it drys up quickly. The bad new is that we are very drought prone. Great for cotton growers. Which is what i am going to start doing if we have another drought like the last few years:)