Norther guys - what to think of this incredible March warm weather?

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Rochester, MN
For those Northern guys....esp Iowa, MN, WI, MI, NY, NE States, etc.

What are you thinking about the really crazy odd warmth we have been getting thus far in March? Anyone think we will be mowing lawns by late March/early April? Doing apps around the same time? If so, that is just CRAZY early for around these parts. It would add a ton to the bottom line however, if the summer avoids a drought.

The phone was ringing off the hook this week for estimates....most asking when I would be out for the first time. I could not honestly peg down a start date very well for them, I felt bad, but just not sure how the weather is going to pan the rest of the month and April. Tried my best.

Normally this time of the year, am getting ready to watch some serious March Madness bball with a nice snow layer still outside. No snow left this year.


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Western NY
It is crazy weather for sure, but it will snow again. Grass will not grow however unless we get some rain here in NY. Good time to get the jump on things and be ready for the real start of spring.


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NE Iowa
We are starting cleanups this afternoon. Definitely very early. Wil probably start pre emergent apps middle of next week. Usually like to have all cleanups done first. Soil temps on the rise fast.
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If this keeps up the last week of march ill be out.
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Its unbelievable!! Can't wait to stat doing clean ups.


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Sedgwick, Maine
Ya, this is nuts! Last year this time we had 2 feet of snow on the front lawn. Hit a record high for Maine yesterday. Got 3 new customers this week and haven't even started advertising yet. Guess I should get going. I can't believe some fert/squirt guys are starting already - we have a GOOD change of another snow or two between now and middle of April. That being said, I do plan to start our cleanups earlier if this weather holds. Maybe last week of March we'll give it a shot.