Northern Guys - what are you using for your late fall app?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Sep 18, 2012.

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    I do not want to sound like a know-it-all here, because I for certain have much more to learn, as most of us do.

    When I read the article, really to me there is nothing in it that I have not already learned after tuning the Late Season Fertilization Methods from Rutgers and Penn State many years ago. OSU's article is informative, but I feel there is more to write about.

    I use the term "test plots" with the idea that universities want control over their test(s) and know whats in the soil(s) before, as well as after inputs.

    Their study(s) are tests are they not?

    And I will continue to ask that "Professors" as well as "Turfgrass Science" Experts be a part of the education/discussion process here.

    I feel there is likely still, a knoweldege gap between what "Professors/Scientists" learn in testing, and what the applicator is doing in the field.

    Of course that open discussion may not "Pay The Bills" for them, and I DO respect that as well.

    I can only contribute my real world experience(s) as I already have.

    I am NOT an "Expert".
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    We are now in the frozen ground time of the year again... in some areas it may thaw out some before it freezes permanently but are they growing grass???

    We just had fert and pesticide of some sort applied a few days before Thanksgiving... Irrigation is shut off in early Oct. for most places, because we're already getting frost at that time... barely enough rain to prevent a drought reoccurance...

    It like these granules are going to work magically or something and the frozen ground we had earlier in the month, didn't mean anything either...

    I don't buy the idea that one has to be a professor or an expert to understand that something is wrong with that... especially over looking lake frontage , because there is only one place for those granules to go... :)

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