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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by J & B Lawncare, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. J & B Lawncare

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    Hello All

    Does anyone use or have knowledge of the tractor line that Northern Tool carries? Seems to be a good price. How is getting spare part? Any information you have is greatly appreciated.


    J & B
  2. lawnspecialties

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    I believe they are imports from India. Not 100% sure though. If you're buying something to piddle around the yard, shouldn't be a problem. If you're buying something to make a living, buy name brand quality. I'm paying double the Northern price for my TC-33DA New Holland and it's more than worth it.
  3. Travis Followell

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    They are imported from China. They are built by Jinma and sold under several different brand names. They are low quality cheap made tractors that you'll spend more time working on than using. You will be better off buying a used name brand tractor than one of those new China built contraptions.
  4. Green-Pro

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    I've got one & can tell you it really depends on what you want to do with it. Lite jobs its fine, I've also used a box blade with mine with no problems. Planning on buying a tiller attachment this spring. No problems with the machine so far. Now if you are talking about moving some serious soil from point A to point B, you may want to consider something more heavy duty and built for the job, like a skid steer. I have access to a JD 260 and let me tell you the good Lord did not intend for this earth to be moved very easily, but the JD has the horses to do it.

    Sit down make a list of all uses you may think you will encounter, if they seem mostly pretty heavy duty jobs, I'd say forget the Nor-Trac and go with something with more horses. On the other hand if your list has a good deal of lite duty jobs the Nor-Trac will be fine.

    P.S. I did ask about parts availability, if you need anything you call their 1-800 # and they will ship out the part/parts. They have a network of implement dealerships (non Northern Tool) that will do any warranty work if needed.

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