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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Subseven, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Subseven

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    I am wondering if anybody here has any experience with the NorthStar system that I see at Northern Tool. If so, then what can you tell me about it?


    I know it does not have agitation and such. I know it is a beginner setup. I know agitation is best. But I know I can't afford more. I could easily build or buy a Star-Seal type of unit. I have read that argument.

    However, in my opinion appearance matters. This unit certainly looks much more pro than a Tractor Supply water tank and I think it will help set me apart from the competition. When I make enough to buy a REAL NICE unit, then I will.

    So then...who has experience with these units? They have a skid unit too, its the same...I would have to put it on my trailer. Maybe I could buy a welder and the parts for the trailer for the extra 1000 it costs to buy the trailer model. Lets hear it.

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  2. Blackgnturbo

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    im having a 300 gal tank poly tank made with hand aggitation I have the pump and compresser hes building it for under 2000 bucks! This guys is just starting out and his tanks are nice! cheapest ive seen! PM me and Ill pass his number over to you if your still looking!

    Good Luck
  3. BIGBOY2008

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    First of all you are going to need agitation because there is no way you can do sealing without some type of agitation involved. If you are using coal tar emulsion and you let it sit overnight it will seperate and you will need some type of agitation to re-mix it for use. Another reason you need agitation is because you are pretty much required to add sand to your sealer mix. This is due to the fact the manufacturer of the sealer purposefully intends (as evidenced in writing) for the product to be used with sand. If the product doesnt have sand added it will be slick after it cures and if a person slips they can sue you because you willfully created a hazardous condition by applying sealer without it containing a proper sand load.

    GARRETTWOOD LawnSite Senior Member
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    Save up or take out loan you need a good unit if you are going to be full time and hard at it.
  5. CapnMorgan

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    Watch craigslist and ebay, setup a commercial account at lowes or home depot (you get 10% off) and then build your whole setup. I preffer my truck mounted setup over a trailer because it's alot easier to manuver but a trailer will work just as good if you don't have a 1-ton.

    I found a warren rupp 1.5" teflon pump for $125 on ebay and it was close enough to pick up so no s/h. I found a IR compressor on craigslist for $300.
    All the plumbing cost a little under $200 (2" black pipe, suction hose, connectors, etc...) I bought my wand from sealmaster for $100, Had the hose made at a hydraulic company for $96 (it's just high pressure hose, not hydraulic hose, and has hydraulic ends on it), I had my tank and strainer, bought it used 3 years ago for $800.
    I just built the spray unit this past week and haven't used it yet, so who knows how good it will work :laugh: but It looks very proffesional and cost alot less than buying a new setup.
  6. TheAsphaltGuy

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    I have heard this argument before those are the manufactures suggested mixing procedures. But there is nothing like a good heavy sand load.
  7. BIGBOY2008

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    Im not sure a heavy sand load is always the best.

    For example Star Seal recomends a ratio of:
    30 gallons raw sealer.
    10 gallons of dilution agent.
    100 pounds of sand.

    The 100 pounds of sand will work with a tank that has built in agitation but if you were to add 100 pounds of sand to a coal tar sealer that was in that North Star tank you would have nothing but problems due to the fact you couldnt mix it and keep the sand supended in the mix. The lower the tank level got the more sand would be present in the mix and too much sand will cause the sealer to have a loose structural bond resulting in a sealer that will prematurely fail.

    If someone were to hold a gun to my head and force me to use that particular North Star tank i would use no more 30 lbs of sand per 30 gallons of raw sealer and have a person with a 1 x 4 board periodicaly stirring the mix through the top lid.
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  8. Coater

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    I have nothing against NH Northern. But even though their machine in nice looking it is another cash cow set up just a step above the tote machines sold on ebay for way to much money..

    I use 3 to 5 lb of sand in my mixes and use a seal rite. the NH machine could not spay that material..

    You could just go buy a water pump and any kind of tank and it would do the same as their machine.

    All they would have had to do was add a mixer and a air pump set up and it would be a decent start up machine
  9. AffordableSealcoatingLLC

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    Agreed that machine will never handle that. I have a spare unit 550 gal trailer unit for sale if interested. Hydraulic agitated and a 30cfm compressor.

    Try to find a good unit it will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

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