Norton Number on Mag 9000 wheel

Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by Gregg in CT, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. Gregg in CT

    Gregg in CT LawnSite Member
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    Can I get the Norton number off the stock mag 9000 wheel.
    I work in a machine shop and want to check the price with our vendors. Thank You, Gregg
  2. Magna-Matic

    Magna-Matic Sponsor
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    The OEM wheel is part number:

    32A46-I8VBE --- we also carry J and L hardnesses
    7 x 1 x 1-1/4

    Speed tested at 5455 RPM for safety

    While our price for this wheel is $24.50 we have seen it from industrial suppliers for up to $60 per wheel.
  3. Doc Pete

    Doc Pete LawnSite Gold Member
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    Which wheel is the better grade to minimize wheel dressing between sharpening. Thanks,
  4. Gregg in CT

    Gregg in CT LawnSite Member
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    Gerd: Thanks for wheel number. It must be a mongrel. Can't even find it on the Norton website. Your wheel price seems reasonable. Will order on the web site when needed. Thanks again... Gregg
  5. Magna-Matic

    Magna-Matic Sponsor
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    Hello Gregg and Switchless,

    The softest wheel will minimize dressing - so that would be the "I" hardness. But you should not really have to dress our wheels as long as you are putting even pressure on the wheel (i.e. not making the wheel out-of-round).

    The wheel from norton is considered a standard tool room wheel, you just must remember not all vendors stock the same wheels. We also have additional speed testing done to our wheels to insure safety.

    Thank you,

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