Norwegian Bunton 48 entusiast

I moved from a small old farm property to a secluded residential area of 6 houses sharing a dead end street.

With me i brought along my Kubota 7100, my Husqvarna 245RX
and of course my 1995 model Bunton 48 hydro walk behind.

I now take care of my own lawn on my 1500 sqm property and and also snowremoval and roadside maintenance for my neighborhood.

Lawn care for private gardens are a non existent market in Norway.
Petrol lawn mowers are loosing markets for robotic cutters.
Just mentioning it to point out that i do not take any ones job.

Keeping my engines running are pure expense and hobby.
Its relaxing to fire up the Beast of Bunton, or remove the snow on a cold winter day.

My lawn is to big for my little viking and not suitable for robots due to split in many parts by concrete and buildings.

Now i have maintenance issues with my Bunton and are looking for advise.

posted this thread under repair section.

Very thankful if someone could help me out.