Nose first, into pond...

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by BrandSpankinNew, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. BrandSpankinNew

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    Pretty exciting day here - got our first rider mower, and as with most firsts, had some additional "excitement"... :blush:

    Our "new addition" is a Gravely 144 :blob3: - We were moving along fine, until we got stuck in our drainage ditch - still wet from the rains, wheels spinning, so had to pull it out with the truck (luckily we have a truck to pull it out with!) :blush:

    Then, we approached the pond, got trapped in a tight spot, and ended up sliding into the pond, nose first... :blush: Once we were able to pull it out, onto dry land, (luckily we new how & had the chain "at hand" from our earlier experience) tried starting it & it started right up.

    Is that a good sign???? :help: Have we completely ruined a beautiful piece of equipment??? Is there anything we should do, service wise???? We checked the oil, no water. We checked the gas, no water.

    I'm sure our neighbors were quite entertained... :waving:

    Would also appreciate any advice on how to maneuver around a pond, it's not a steep grade, but don't want to end up in the brink again...

    Thanks all!
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    I would drain all the fluids anyways... I always have from our experiences with goin swimming with a lawn mower....

    When going across the bank, aim up the bank, if you follow. I usually try to let the lower side of the mower move faster than the side that is up the bank. It reduces the mower drift alot.

  3. Critical Care

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    WasBrandSpankinNew, don't feel bad - we've all been there, maybe not into the same pond but into places we wished we hadn't gotten into. Man, after years of being on these mowers just a couple of months ago I got my Walker stuck in some bad bad bad sand. Can't always go four-wheeling with these toys... I work alone, and it took me almost an hour to get out of that mess.

    Unless if you're like me (oye vey), you will learn the limits of your mower. And, when it comes to even slight slopes, many mowers have a tough time holding their ground. By the way, don't hit the slopes when the grass is wet!
  4. BrandSpankinNew

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    We're probably going to bring it back into the dealer to check it out... changing out the oil & gas isn't a big deal, but it sounds like changing the hydrolic fluid can be dangerous. Sounds like that stuff is pretty nasty... ;) All the bearings are sealed (which is probably a good thing!) Didn't see any leaks, or water puddles under it the next day, so that's probably a good sign too. And I did some searching on here, and it sounds like starting it right up was a good thing to do... heat it up to evaporate any water. Just afraid the dealer is going to tell us we need to replace the engine or something... got a pretty good deal, and this is could be a way for them to make up some money...

    Also sounds like this is a pretty common thing... felt so bad for him... He was embarrassed enough when he got stuck in the front ditch, and no sooner got it out, and then into the pond. And here I am, trying to hold on to the back of it so it wouldn't go in... my 120 lbs. versus 946! (Under the specs, the weight is listed as DRY weight!) Must have been quite entertaining to watch! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I know I would have laughed!

    Also sounds like it could have been alot worse... like rolling over on top of him & pinning him underwater. :eek: I've also passed on some of the stories I've read here - he just loves me for that :rolleyes:

    And I must say, it's amazing what you guys go through, from the stories I've read - some alot worse that a little old pond, and changing air filters & blades every day! We figured out it will take us a year to put the hours on this mower that you guys put on a mower in a week!

    Thanks again, and have a good, and safe :) week!

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