Not a new thread, but a mesage to Hustlermidwest

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Pierre2013, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Pierre2013

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    Sorry to use such format to communicate with you. But I (think) I sent you a pm...

    Missing posts, again :(


    Hi Brian,

    I hope you can enjoy your vacation

    I guess you saw the two replies I wrote earlier today to the poster asking about where I got the mower lift, as well as my other post asking another poster for a pic of the blade thingie. This is my guess because of your reply/post. But strangely, the two posts I wrote didn't make it to that thread???

    I hope they have not been deleted and you can still allow them to be added to the thread. If not, then I'll re-write them. Let me know when you are back from your vacation.

    Thanks, Pierre

    P.S. Does that mean you don't mow the lawn during your vacation? lol!!!
  2. hustlermidwest

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    Yes I got your PM and I responded to you but the system says you are not able to receive PM's. As I stated in the rejected PM the past year I have rejected 2 post. I have requested some authors to re word their post prior to allowing them but I have not rejected any of yours.
    I have no clue where your post are going that you think I'm not allowing them up.

    Brian O
  3. Pierre2013

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    Hi Brian,

    I'm truly sorry to use the Hustler forum for our private communication. But I hope you will delete this thread as soon as things have been worked out.

    Do not worry, I trust you and I know you haven't deleted any of my posts. But what is very strange is that some of my replies/posts to threads in the Hustler forum never make it. And even more strange, you reply to my posts and I can see your replies/posts, but mines are simply missing.

    For example, in the thread titled 'Lifting my Fastrak', look right after my post with the pics on 06-13-2013, you posted a reply. Then I replied back to you something to the effect it had taken me 3 weeks working evenings and weekends to get the garage looking like that and you then replied to me again. But my reply to you is missing. Your two posts are back to back with mine missing in between.

    A few days ago, also in the same thread, I replied to rwreuter about the source of my lift and then replied to MinnesotaVegans asking about a pic of the blade removal tool, but both my posts didn't make it. Yet, I figured that you must have seen them because you kindly offered me a photo after you are back from vacation.

    I don't really know what is happening and I have no doubt that you are not deleting any of my posts. It is just that there are some problems somewhere and it is unfortunate as I really would like to contribute positively to this forum since, to me, Hustler is making some pretty solid pieces of equipment.

    Maybe you could look into it with the folks at lawnsite? I will look into why pm do not make it to me.

    Sorry for all this trouble I'm giving you.



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