Not a newbie, But need help on this one please

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MowerMoney, Apr 19, 2006.

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    I've been cutting for close to 4 years now but always residential. I've looked at a few commercial sites but today I was asked to quote on a local winery and it's HUGE by what I've been pricing.
    Okay. This place is sprawling. I measured it at about 3 acres. Lots & lots of trees, mostly evergreens, to mow through & around that cover at least half the area. Some slopes that require a walkbehind. The owner says that they will do the trimming themselves (but I'll probably trim around the house area myself)
    I have access from a farmer friend that has a 60" Gravely that I can rent whenever I need it.
    So my question is, "How much time would this take to cut? And what rates are you guys using for this size machine?" I will apply my own rates to the time.
    Thanks for your help guys.
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    Those are 2 questions that really only you can answer.

    If I was cutting 3 acres with a ton of trees Id be charging around $350-400.00 a cut.

    Im sure that doesnt help much.
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    Funny, isn't it. If BoobyGedd posted this he'd have 68 replies by now. Anyone else, just one. Hmph! :sleeping:

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