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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MoeA, May 19, 2017.

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    Hey All,

    recent first time homeowner with about an acre. doing research into lawn care and came across this site and signed up to post some questions. unsure if its bad etiquette to ask questions in intro thread so i won't.

    a little info:
    i don't own a business or anything, so i'll probably stick more to home/residential threads.
    i have about an acre of land that is pretty flat. its a new construction so not the best soil - quite rocky and still water in a couple places where grass doesn't grow at all. my goal is is to get nice grass with me doing as much of it as possible. i live in the north-east
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    Welcome to Lawnsite!
    Probably fine to ask something now. Maybe someone can answer or point you in the direction of the proper forum
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  4. Mr Efficiency

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    Allyn the lawn Care nut Videos should help you out, they should get going in right direction. Here is is YouTube channel.
    The Lawn Care Nut
  5. MoeA

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    so i talked with a landscaper and he is telling me i want bigger than a push mower/walk behind mower. so now i'm looking at a riding lawn tractor. he also suggested that i get compost (like 6-8 cu yards) and spread it around. so tractors with front end loaders are closer to 10K. so iw as considering looking to a 20+hp lawn tractor and add my own front scoop to it.

    1. i haven't had much chance to look through forums to see if there is a riding mower thread or if people have had experience with the front scoop. i've come across a craftsman and huqvarna scoop online for $400+ with reviews saying people got one for $150-200.

    2. do i want a bagger or mulcher ? landscaper suggested get a bagger and not to mulch.

    landscaper is pro DIY and suggests i do as much as i can on my own and call him when i need help with bigger projects.
  6. Wye Oak Tree

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    1. I didn't see much in the search area about scoops. I never even knew about them until you mentioned them :D. Good reason to start a thread and ask people's opinions of them.
    2.If you have a lot of leaves in the fall a bagger will help a lot. The mower chops them up as you bag and sounds like you have the land to start a compost pile. Then, in time, you will have compost to top-dress over your lawn
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  7. Landrus2

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    A compact mower with front bucket it's not going to get much done..
    If you have lots of stuff to move around your best pick would be to rent.
    A toro dingo,bobcat MT 55, or a ditch witch these little machines can get a lot done.
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