Not another "Which ZTR" thread! O.K. it is... Scag, Ferris, Simplicity?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by RayoVac, May 17, 2005.

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    O.K. guys... I have done my homework.. searched and read pages and pages of posts. Getting ready to pull the trigger and here is where I am at.

    I previously had a Grasshopper 618 (front mount) with 18hp Kohler, 52" deck and dump from seat 7 bushel grass collection. I sold it last summer to a church that was in need. But in all honesty I was happy to be rid of it. With the catcher and dual tail wheel it was a long unit. Very heavy when full of grass and I even had the bar tread (floatation) tires. It became less then manuverable and although trimability was nice with the front mount deck... it was just to much for my yard.

    So I have been looking at replacing it with a 48" Mid-Mount with Grass Collection (Cloth Bag type, so I can easily dump into my truck). I am stuck between the Scag Tiger Cub, Ferris 1500z and the Simplicity Citation. Probably leaning more towards the Ferris over the Simplcity given they are so similar, I think it is worth it for the extra $$$ to get the canister air filter Kawi engine and suspension in the front vs. the citation.

    I am looking for any feedback owners of the Tiger Cub and 1500z could share. I like the striping roller option of the Scag... but like the suspension on the Ferris. The Scag will be a few more dollars... but at this point it really it not about $$$. I have driven both. The ferris (and citation) where very smooth, and the hydros were very quiet compared to my Grasshopper. The Scag was also smooth maybe even smoother... but a little extra force was needed on the sticks as Scag evidently has some bigger dampners compared to the Ferris/Citation. The Ferris/Citation's Hydros and little fans to cool them, the Tiger Cub had no noticable cooling fans.

    I found the ride on the ferris to be the best. Less chatter in the front on the pivot compared to the Citation because of the shocks in front. The Scag most definitley seemed to ride rougher...

    Thier were more collection system options for the Ferris over the bunch... actually offering a 2 bag model and a 3. The 2 bag appeals more then the three because it will keep the overall width of the unit down. The loss a few bushels does not bother me. At 2 bags it is still 6.5 vs. I only had 7 bushes on my Grasshopper.

    The PTO on the Scag is a 250 vs. 150 lb on the Ferris/Citation.

    So why ask? Well I guess I am more interested in Best overall cutting ability. I would sacrifice speed, ride, capacity etc. for the Best cut. I also really like the striping option available for the Scag. Although Simplicity offers stripe kits for the Consumer Zs... there does not appear to be an offering for the Citation or the 1500z.

    Also the impeller on the collection system for the Scag advertises it to be a Mulching type impeller, chewing up the debis further to reduce space. The impeller/blower on the Ferris/Citation does not necessarily state that it munches the debris.. but looks very similar to the Scag unit.

    O.K. if you have read my whole book... what are your thoughts. The Citation with 21 Vanguard and 48 deck and 3 bag (no two bag choice) collection system is around $6700, The ferris with the 21 Kawi, Canister Air Cleaner 48 deck and 2 bag collection is $7400. The Tiger Cub with 19 kawi, Canister cleaner, 48 deck and 3 bag collection I think will be a few hundred more then the Ferris.

    Thanks in advance.


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