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Has anyone else had a drop off in the number of clients that want aerified this season? I have had a considerable drop off this season from last. I attribute it to the weather. Last year, we had the drought, and in the fall, many lawns looked like they were in need of some help, so many people chose to aerate. Also, they did not spend as much on mowing, and perhaps felt sorry for the poor mower, and decided to help him along by having him aerate?

This year, the weather was awesome. Most all lawns look great going into fall, and not as many want aerated, even though it is still important. Maybe they speny all their lawn care dollars on mowing this year?


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How many lawns a week do you guys mow? I couldn't possibly find time to do anything else except cut the grass. How many hours a week do you work? How much $ do you charge to do the other work?




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I, like many lawn care people, do believe in the benefits of aeration. I do it. But, I think most homeowners are starting to look out the window at the guy across the street and say "Hey his lawn looks as good as mine and he does not do all of that or spend all that money".

I also think many of our competitors have pushed this aeration too much just to gain a easy high paying gig. I use to do some sub work for TrueGreen/ChemLawn. I about died when the rep I was working for told me that they charged a account $175.00. The account was only 15,000 sq ft. They did another account at a price of $750.00 for a one acre lot. Then trying at the same time a push for a later fall job on top of all that. Talk about sticker shock.

The average Joe Homeowner might be catching on to such (In my opinion) exessive push for such a high priced service. Let's face it, aeration helps, but in all most all cases, it is not required to grow good grass. All yards are not alike, moisture, soil conditions, etc... It's kind of like the future of pesticide application(or present for some of you guys). Proof of damage before a application can be made. Grubs have to damage the lawn by a certian percent before a legal app can be made.

That as a example, how many of our accounts really need aeration?


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I dont know if they all need them but ill say this.... 3 weeks after i aerated the lawn looks greener, thicker and just all around healthier... thats all the reason i need to aerate.


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I agree with you jac.I had a few that didn't want anything done this they are always the first to complain when spring comes an their lawn looks like crap!!!but you can't tell some folk anything.

Wayne Offiler

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this is only my third year offering aeration, and I did find that this year there was not much interest in having it done. I attribute the drop off to the fact that most lawns looked real good. due to the rainy summer. Also less went for fall fertilizing. I guess that when a lawn looks good, it is harder to sell a customer on additional work to improve it.
I also find that in My area, most people think aeration is a spring activity. Seems that by the end of September, most people have winter on their minds, and are not interested in lawn/landscape work.

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