not enough tines?????


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baltimore, md
Anyone familiar with the hooker aerator from jrco satisfied????? It says 6 holes every square this really enough???? thinking about purchasing one for the dane ztr. thx


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Flint, Michigan
If you do a search on it, you'll find a few different threads on it. Most everyone that has talked about the all say the same thing. You have to double over your theatre to get the same results as a regular aerator. I also heard the penetration is not quite as good in harder soils, but I've never seen one work in real life.

gene gls

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I have one for my Walker 48" GHS unit.I like it, used it only 4 times so far.I had some bugs and called JRCO for support.Great people to talk with ,very helpful.Like any peice of equipment,it takes getting used to.It doesn't work well in hard ground so if you know where the hard spots are just water them befor hand or wait for a good rain. You can't mow and areate at the same time.I mow the lawn at 21/2" befor areating,looks better in the end with short grass.The beauty of it is only 2 pins and a wire plug to hook the unit to the mounting bar and you don't have to fight with the unit to controll it like other plugers.No big mess when done, the soft plug dispurses very well.