Not equipment but shrubs stolen?

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by buffalonick, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. buffalonick

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    My parents live in a suburb of buffalo, pretty nice, big corner lot with a football field as a side yard, well i went over to do some cleanup yesterday and found that she was missing her very end shrub i planted there a few years back. It was right next to the fence, i asked what happened and she had no clue, parents said it was last week for sure.

    Is that what it is coming to know? cant afford to get your own plants so someone has to come and spend time and dig up shrubs to make there house beautiful?

    On another note the vandal did fill in the hole as if it had never been there!!!! :clapping:
  2. Stuttering Stan

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    I have checked into landscape material insurance before. Say you install $5000 worth of shrubs, trees, etc for a landscape job. It is very easy, especially in the first few weeks, for someone to pull it out the ground and walk away.
  3. topsites

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    I think something else happened to that shrub.
  4. KyLawnscapes

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    I had 8 6ft arbs stolen 2 nights after and install at a shopping ctr. They were around the dumpster and someone came in with a trailer and dumped a bunch of old bathroom and kitchen flooring from a remodel into the dumpster and then proceeded to just pull the arbs up and throw them on the trailer. There was soil on the pavement where the dirt fell between the floor boards. I was pissed cause we hadn't even finished the install so I had to replace out of pocket.
  5. Alpha Property

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    i have a customer with a corner lot and a flower bed rite along the sidewalks, she's missing a small snow ball tree from over the winter, and they didn't even bother to fill the hole back in or clean up after themselves
  6. bryant lawn & landscape

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    Japanese Maples have been known to grow feet and walk away around here.
  7. procut

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    Plant theft isn't at all un-common. Especially from commercial jobs.
  8. FiveOJoe

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    Town near me has had it happen quite a bit. Had a rash of patio furniture and grill thefts as well.

    They caught one guy selling it at a Farm Market booth.
  9. User Name Taken

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    I've seen 18 trees walk away from a commercial job the night after we planted them, course it was a gas station in the ghetto :-/
  10. ajslands

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    Oh ya!!!! I've heard of that multiple times!
    Usually it's other landscaper that steel the shrubs or flowers, and then they put them in a job that their doing, so they twice the money! IMO it's a Jack a$$.
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