not getting a good kill from trimec 992

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lazyike, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. lazyike

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    I have been using 992 on my accounts for several years now and it seems that my kill is falling off. This year I have stated using sticker to all apps. but it still seems harder and harder to get a good kill.
    What do you guys think do weeds start to build a tolerance of the same chemicals year after year? should I be switching to another 3 way?
    I would like to stay in the same price category. Most of my lawns or sprayed by broadcasting equipment.
    Thanks, Mike
  2. Grandview

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    What weeds are giving you trouble. If its dandelions and clover you are not getting enough ai per acre. If its thistles and ground ivy spike your spray with surge or speed zone. I am finding that Certianty is also excellent on most broad leaf weeds.
  3. lazyike

    lazyike LawnSite Senior Member
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    This spring I sprayed a yard that was almost 50% dandelion at a max rate of 4 pints /acre. when I went back to do my fall application it was still full of dandelions, I have never had a problem before this year killing dandelions and am trying to think why I did not not get a good kill. I sprayed 15 lawns that day and all other lawns are clean, same mix same chemical, does soil ph make some weeds more resistant to chemicals?
    What rate per acre would you Spike with certainty? that stuff is 130.00 for what an 1.5 ounces?
  4. ampeg76

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    a post will not prevent weeds from coming back, you need to apply some kind of pre
  5. americanlawn

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    Our early fall app is liquid weed & feed. We've used 992 in the past, but we switched to UAP's Mecamine-D. Same price and probably no difference??

    Liquid fert acts like a spreader/sticker, so we don't use any sticker with our liquid app, and we apply it at 3/8 gallon per acre. We have good luck on large broadleaf weeds. Rugel's plantain takes a long time to show damage, but dandies show injury within a week.

    Clover = not 100% kill, and hard-to-kill weeds just laugh at amine herbicides.
    One good thing is most small leafed broadleaves tend to be annuals, so they'll soon die anyway.

    You're like me, don't want to pay high prices for "the good stuff" if I can get away with it. One has to balance profit with results. We use ester (high-priced) herbicides late April thru August, but that's usually spot spraying or with ride-on units.
  6. rcreech

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    Here is my take,

    If you sprayed it in the spring and just looked at it now....don't blame weeds on the chemical not working.
    The chemical could have worked and the lawn just got reinfested again. My lawns were clean this spring and with the drought and thinned lawns, the lawns have more weeds then ever. That doesn't mean my chem didn't work in the spring though!
  7. teeca

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    if your going after hard to kill weeds, you need an ester based herbicide, like cool power, or lesco 3way ester. when the temps drop used it. i do a fall and spring app w/ cool power, if i'm lucky (unluckly) i might get a dandy or two, but for the most part my lawns a weed free. as for the reaccurance of weeds, you need to thicken the lawn up by overseeding/areations and proper maintenance. i use trimec 992 in the summer for spot spraing and have no complaints about it's killing potential, works great for a warm weather weedkiller. but wont do squat for clover/ivy other then brown the edges of the plant. multiple apps?? maybe, but why waist the money when you can kill it the first time. i've used UAP mec-d and it does rock! but buy the UAP chasser 2 and kill'm for good.
  8. lazyike

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    Thanks for your posts guys, I really do appreciate it.
    This is only my 3rd year doing chemical so I still have a lot to learn. What I think happened is that last year when I got great kill from my 992 it was still quite warm out, and when I treated it this spring it was early spring (quite cool) I think I would have had a cleaner yard if I had used an ester ( maybe super trimec)?
    I dunno but I am starting to think I might have to have several different chemicals on my shelves instead of just trying to get buy from start to finish with 992.

    This is what I am thinking for next year, (depending on price) I like pbi Gordon products ( I can get it local).
    Early spring and late fall == super trimec
    Late spring to early fall == trimec 992 or surge
    pre- emergent == tupersan or pre-san 12.5g
    post-emergent == spot with q4
  9. RigglePLC

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    Calibrate carefully. A good weed control at full strength--like 992--plus wetting agent--in the fall (say early October) almost eliminates dandelions in the following spring. Spring treatments for dandelions sometimes do not work as well because it is too cool. And if the summer is hot, weeds often return by fall.

    Gordon's is good. Your program is good--but i don't like Tupersan for crabgrass--expensive and doesn't last long. And Pre-san is OK--but I think Dimension or Barricade last longer.

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