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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by crc13, May 26, 2006.

  1. crc13

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    I just put down some Scotts 2+ weed and feed about a week ago. I still have a ton of clover that just wont die. Isn't it suupposed to with putting this product on it? What can I put on it now?

    Also, I have an area that I aerated the heck out of then put down some new bluegrass seed. Is there somethign I can do to this part of my lawn, it is a different shade of green now.
  2. Runner

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    Was the grass wet when you put it down?
  3. indyturf

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    you will get better results with a liquid weed control.
  4. crc13

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    I put it on at 6 am. It was definitely wet. I have had it with scotts.
  5. teeca

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    their are several thing that you did wrong.. ok, you you have alot of clover? you just put down a herbicide? and you seeded w/ blue grass.. 1. most herbicides (including scotts) have a reseed interval, clover is hard to kill and granular won't do it (and scotts deffintaly wont), 2. you need a product like seedzone to kill clover (and it has an almost immediate reseed time) 3. bluegrass has a 4+ week germination cycle.
  6. Chris Wagner

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    If the patch of bluegrass is different than the rest of your lawn, it's very possible the rest of the lawn is a different variety or also a mix (like rye or fescue).

    If you used a starter fert there with the new seed, it's possible it's feeding off of that whereas the rest of the lawn is feeding off a different rate of fert.

    Finally, sometimes new seed just looks lighter or darker when it comes up. Give it a little time to thicken up and see if it's still lighter or darker. If darker than the rest of your turf, try to aerate and overseed the heck out of the rest of your lawn with the same bluegrass seed.
  7. green_mark

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    We use liquids to get rid of clover issues. It generally happens within 24 - 72 hours then, if necessary retreat escaped weeds.

    see link

    A you see it also greens up turf very quickly. May not be good to spot spray unless the lawn is in good shape. We blanket apply to cover most weeds and keep the lawns green during the summer without adding too much N.

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