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Not happy with bad boy outlaw mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by ronwom89, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. retrodog

    retrodog LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,429

    There is a $1700 difference in the xp and the base law. As a factory I think the fair thing was to get the dealer to get with the motor manufacture and fix the governor on the motor. At the very most just switch out the mower for same one. that still costs the dealer and manufacture. Insteqd they are going waay above and beyond offering to upgrade to a nicer mower for lower than anyone else would ever get to buy it for. Not only that but also giving 100% refund on original mower due to a motor issue they have nothing to do with. I dont know about you guys, but that sounds waaay above and beyond to me... I have sold hundreds of thr cyclonic briggs and you have to put then through some very rough stuff to get them to bog down... just this one issu3 addressed this way will knock $2000 to $3000 off bottom line to a unit that at the most grosses a $1000 profit to the factory. ..
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  2. ronwom89

    ronwom89 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 67

    Well if there is a $1700 difference I am paying. $1000 of it and I have used alot of different mowers on the same lot with out an issue. And I have let them check it out and everything was how it was suppose to be . So from my perspective with that style deck I need more power to mow what I mow. So they felt that trading for the sane mower with a different motor would help much let alone they don't have any available right now. I don't real have the $1000 to spend but like I stated i am not putting it all on the dealer or bad boy. It isn't like I am demanding anything but them to help out.
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  3. man00

    man00 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 151

    I don't understand ? "Not only that but also giving 100% refund on original mower due to a motor issue they have nothing to do with" Who are "they" BB? IMO BB has something to do with the engines they install on the mowers.
    I'm happy for the OP that maybe it will be all settled soon. And I'm not trying to start anything..I own a new BB Outlaw Extreme
  4. MJB

    MJB LawnSite Silver Member
    from Wa
    Messages: 2,869

    This is turning into a great deal for the OP. Not to mention it shows with patience things get resolved most of the time. Ive had much worse experience with a $9000 Toro lawn ornament that toro refused to help with for 2 yrs a brand new piece of crap set in my garage. My Hustler experience was better but it cost me a fortune in time and gas to keep it running. So now I have a 3 yr old BB broke a tensioner spring and the deck lift shock fell off, and 1 pulley. Now my Kawasaki engine is leaking around the governor , seems like Kawi are turning into junk too.
    My Gravely deall was a waste of time but they picked it up after 3 weeks of my time trying to fix it, but they were nice.

    Exmark rocks no problems to speak of in 14 yrs. Bad Boy they are good but you have to order their commercial Outlaws with the power you need, so call a rep and get a demo in the future people.
  5. ronwom89

    ronwom89 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 67

    Yeah no doubt that would have saved alot of headache. But if the deal goes through next week and I get the xp and anyone looking to buy around southeast missouri they are welcome to come mow with mine to see how they like it. I have been reading up alot on the xp and I guess the only difference other than motor is the high tourqe Parker motors and the suspension. So is the Parker set up better than the zt5400 hydros I am not to sure what the main difference is between the set ups if some one could inform me. But I know even with the standard out law with the suspension seat the ride was amazing so I'm betting the xp will be a little better even. But with the zt it was a rough ride with out the suspension seat so to anybody looking at buying a bad boy the grammer seat is the best money spent, and I think it's only a $300 upgrade on and outlaw and $350 on the zt if I remember right but if you buy it then upgrade later is $600 so upgrading from the start would be a wise decision.
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  6. MJB

    MJB LawnSite Silver Member
    from Wa
    Messages: 2,869

    I think you will be very happy. If I recall the rubber suspension made it impossible to use the zt5400 , so they went with the Parker pump, not sure which wheel motor but they are smooth and should last you many years.
    Im not totally sold on the zt5400 because we dont know how many hrs they will last. The Parker units if taken care of should last 3000 hrs, if serviced properly. I think they will climb way better than the zt5400s too. Let us know when you get it I hope you get to use it a bit before winter that would drive me crazy to have a new machine and not get to mow with it until spring.
  7. MBDiagMan

    MBDiagMan LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 852

    Hats off to you Ron! You obviously dealt with the dealer and the factory rep with decency and they did the same. That is how it can go when reasonable people are involved with such a situation.

    I learned a long time ago to deal with customers problems as OPPORTUNITIES. It is your opportunity to prove to your customer that you want them to be happy and to know that they have been treated right. This can not happen, however, when the customer is not also dealing with the issue in a reasonable manner.

    Good job and please keep us posted.
  8. ronwom89

    ronwom89 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 67

    Picked up the xp today dealer was help full about the situation. Nothing to mow yet but did drive it around some rides great motor sounds like a power house so once I get to mow I will post my thoughts in it.
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  9. GMLC

    GMLC LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,345

    Congrats! Im glad it turned out good. Keep us up to date.
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  10. Ridin' Green

    Ridin' Green LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Michigan
    Messages: 16,997

    Good news! Which engine is in the one you just got? If it is the 36 Vanguard BB, you will never be wanting more engine.

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