Not happy with bad boy outlaw mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by ronwom89, Sep 13, 2013.

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    Yup that Gravely cut pic looks horrible. Lines aren't straight, bad overlap, anti-scalp wheel marks and looks like someone drove through the middle of the lawn. I wouldn't be happy either. Just don't know how much of it could have been cured by adjustment and how much was just the operator. Do you have any ground level pics that show how good or bad the cut was?
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    This is just an example of the cut quality I experience with Gravely.





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    27 horses can't pull 50" of deck? Something aint right there George.
    I run a 21HP Kaw on a 48" deck and it has no issues, even bags fine.
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    No the 27hp briggs was awsome on the 50" zt the issue is with the 54" outlaw with the 30hp briggs. I just got of the phone with bad boy, they are sending the rep out to look at it mow and to see if they can find the issue before I haul 2 hours away to get repaired. Like I stated I love the way the mower is built and it does cut great in the thinner grass. But the thicker grass makes the motor lug down more than I like and don't like running that much stress on it. So if the rep finds and issue with the mower it will be repaired, and if there is no issue mechanically and I am still unhappy with the mower it will be up to the dealer to make a deal maybe for the same mower with a kohler or kawasaki. And I don't mind driving 4 hours if the problem can be solved. But yes the 50" with the 27hp was a power house would mow over grown pasture if you needed to. That's why I had high expectations for the 30hp briggs. But if there ends up being and issue that can be fixed I will be relieved. Then if not as bad as I hate to I hope the dealer is willing to trade it out for a kohler or kawasaki. On bad boys behalf I am happy with the mower itself just not the motor.
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    There is a dealer in NH, then there is a sister store to that dealer about a mile from a NH line also.

    You may want to check a dealer locator before you say there is 0 dealers in NH.

    I will have more dealers set up in NH by Spring.
    I took over this region recently and I am actively traveling the area, talking to the dealers.

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    I apologize there is 1 near the sea coast....Last time I had looked there was 0.
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    I called the dealer within hrs of the purchase they had no choice 3 day rule.
    You can like whatever brand you want, just getting tired of hearing about it in every thread when a mower problem comes up BB or otherwise.

    BB is gonna have more problems there are more new dealers with 5 to 15 mowers in stock than Ive ever seen any other dealer, now the Outlaw is there best product the rest are not true commercial machines except the diesels. Wa st went from hardly any to 3 or 4 dealers within 60 miles. Im guessing that means they are moving more mowers than Gravely out here. Never see Gravely out here GO FIGURE! Until I see them here how can I be impressed??
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    Not choosing sides on BB or any other mower in this discussion. There is 1 Gravely dealer within 50 Miles of me in the state, there is a BB dealer literally 1 mile down the road. I don't know specs of either brand but I would find it hard to demo a BB from a dealer (even with their close proximity to our shop) given the fact a "spoiler" is a standard feature and ROPS are optional :hammerhead:.

    I also can't see how they can compete with other major brands who have massive purchasing power and still sell for almost half of a comparable machine of a different brand :confused:
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    Hey ridin green, I was top dealer only in 2012, honestly havent had many big issues since then, except a 7 guage deck on a zt bent last week that they sent here thursday and paid me to put on for customer. I have had 5 seasons worth of seeing non top dealer service. Honestly, I have issues with all brands, its the way the dealer approaches each issue in most cases. You can either tell customer, oh we dont see anything, or thats not covered under warranty and be done with it, or try to help each customer out you can. Bent deck the customer obviously hit something..couple of phone calls explaining how good the customer was about it and they expected to pay goes along way. Had a lady overheat a kubota diesel on a grasshopper due to grass in radiator screen. Kubota and gh said no way on warranty. Lady lost her husband and was doing what she could on her own. Couple calls to management positions explaining the situation, and bam, saved this poor lady $3800 of a motor build, it did take work on my part and my local rep at no compensation, but it made me proud to make the call to her she doesnt have to worry anymore...
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    Well in my case I'm not just complaining or comparing other mowers but basically looking for advice on what to expect. I know that not one mower can fit every ones needs. The sales manager that I talked to stated they will try to fix the issue and leave a happy customer so we will see. Personally right now I'm so besy it's been frustrating having to complain about it. I Live in a small town where I have seen some brands come and go from several dealers. We have had a bad boy dealer for about 2 years. And as of this year I have seen alot of bad boy mowers on people trailers. Just a month ago we gained a hustler dealer wich has been doing excellent there are alot of those around now and owners seem to love them. If my issue is fixed I will continue to support bad boy because I do like there build/price. But looking over other mowers alot of brands have their ups and downs I'm sure. So most of what determines what people own around here is based on what is available.
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