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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by 04TurfT, Apr 9, 2006.

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    My mower will idle fine and run fine at a low RPM, but it starts kinda popping when I idle up... It almost sounds the choke is on or something... I changed the spark plug and fuel filter and made sure my air filter was clean... and it is still doin it, maybe the the carb? anyhelp would be greatly appreciated... Oh yeah I have a 04 Turf Tracer 48 inch deck with the 17 kawasaki... Thanks alot, Josh
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    Thats what it may be Josh, There may be some trash or water in the bowl.
    A tear-down and good cleaning with carb. choke cleaner sprayed in all passages and blown out with compressed air (if available) would probably do the trick.
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    Ditto what Restro said. Since you indicated that the engine acted like it was running rich(choking), you way want to adjust the low speed jet on top of the carb. I recently had a 17 Kaw in on a WB Skag and it sounded much like you describe. I went through the carb completely but still acted the same way. I leaned it up as much as the limiter would allow but still had problems. Removed the limiter and leaned out a little more and it putter like a kitten. Keep in mind that I made this adjustment at idle speed. It took care of the rough running at top speed as well. You never know how much the idle screw will walk around so it is wise to replace the limiter.


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