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JUst a quick survey..I can't believe how many of my customers have teenage kids that could mow their lawn but they hire me..I'm not complaining, but when my boy gets old enough, he's going to be mowing the yard...How many of you guys have customers that fit this mold???What's your thoughts???Just another example of dwindling work ethic....Thanks..Clean-Cut


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Been in biz for 12 years now and still have a few original customers. I've seen their kids grow up, go to college and move out.....never mowing a blade of grass. Kids are too busy with soccer,school projects, comp. games and stuffing their faces to mow lawn. Hey, it's not the kids "fault". Parents need to parent. When my son is old enough he will mow the lawn and get some $ for doing so. I'm sure he'll do all the other stuff too.


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I have had a couple like this as well.
What I find even more strange is that when I was a kid, the competition from other kids I knew in the neighborhood was fierce for grass cutting and handyman work. We were all pulling our mowers around behind our bicycles. Now, I don't see any kids anywhere doing anything for work......even the paperboy is now paperman with a car instead of a bike.



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when I moved into my house 14 years ago, there was a guy in the house diagonal from mine across the street. he was disabled but worked a full time government job. and he never cut his grass.

when saturday came around he'd throw down his walking canes, pull his trailer out from behind the house, by hand, load his crapsman and go cut the church yard grass.

couple hours later, he's back home, crapsman unloaded, trailer manhandled behind the house, and he's back limber legging around the driveway with his two canes.

THE PROBLEM: HE WOULDN'T EVEN CUT HIS OWN GRASS! and, being slightly judgemental, I wonderd about the sevierity of his disability.

I suppose it does take all kinds.



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I have a few that are like that. One even has his son wake up when I get there around 10 am to give me the money. My dad started me cutting the yard just as soon as I was big enough to push. No pay, but I did get a small allowance. By 10 or 11 we had a small lawn biz going. That's where I got my first taste, and years later, I've returned. Son and even a daughter will cut the lawn. I believe that everyone should have the experience. You can never appreciate hard work until you do it yourself.


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The most important job of a parent is
to have this young person prepared as
well as possible for real life.If we
dont do the teaching and set good examples
we just make it harder for them Thanks TM