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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Green-Pro, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Green-Pro

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    The work some of you guys put out is truly artistic and inspiring to any budding hardscapist. I really enjoy the pics of the awesome work that is being done, thought I'd share one of our most recently finished project.
    Pretty vanilla, not in the same league as a lot of you fellas. We and the clients were happy with the end results none the less.
    We used Uni-Lock products, Brussels Prairie stone pavers and Brussels Dimensional block (limestone/ sandstone).
    We did not install the stairs in the background, but did put in the perennials. We will be building some stairs (replacing old wooden ones) out of stone in a week or two.

    Picture 001.jpg

    Picture 002.jpg

    Picture 004.jpg

    Picture 005.jpg

    Picture 006.jpg
  2. mbella

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    Green-Pro, in pic 4, your work looks really good, specifically your cuts on the border.
  3. Green-Pro

    Green-Pro LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thanks Mike, that means a lot coming from a seasoned professional like you. We are learning more with each job and looking to push/test our skills each time out. Lots of enjoyment drives this for us.
  4. mbella

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    Much is learned on the job. That's great that you enjoy it. I find hardscape jobs (and actually being the foreman on the job who is responsible for producing the product) to be very rewarding.

    Things change though when it becomes a business and you are not actually producing the work. Then, making money becomes the fruit of your labor:) . I kind of like that too.
  5. Green-Pro

    Green-Pro LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Making money is good!!!! I am looking forward to the days when we are booked solid for work. Right now our calendar is open at the end of summer, hoping some good word of mouth continues to spread.
  6. mbella

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    How long have you been hardscaping?
  7. Green-Pro

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    For relatives and friends, 3 years (so thats not a whole he!!uva lot of jobs). We started our business last Jan. as a property maint. and landscape/hardscape business. So for hire just this past year. We picked up some hardscape business at the end of last summer/fall. The last patio I did was just before Turkey day '05, then it got nasty cold here.
    This year we started getting calls for projects in Feb. This particular project I went back to take some final pics of after I had the lawn crew mulch. The homeowners (we do full prop maint) were out on the patio already showing to some friends. That was pretty satisfying.
    To date our work is as I described "vanilla" but I want to get the mechanics done to as close to perfection as I can on these basic projects, to provide a solid foundation to advance. The work some of you guys do (green monster, Kotomotoo, you, Drafto, Kris, and many others I will forget to mention is really nothing short of an artform. I am only just beginning to build on our work each time out. I like the idea of challenging ourselves each time out. Over the winter our local stone supplier had the Uni-Lock & Keystone folks in for a one day seminar on why walls fail and outdoor kitchens. Seeing imperfect walls and understanding why was informative knowledge to have. Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, well what can I say very cool stuff.
  8. kris

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    Always exciting to to see a guy striving do do good landscapes ... your pictures are not the best but hey I'm terrible at that too.
    From what i can see the pavers look good.

    I do not like the solid lines of small stones in the shrub bed and instead would have used groups of some bigger boulders here and there ... building rockerys is another artform that I enjoy very much.

    I drive around and visit on average of 6 sites a day and the best days I have are ones that I can spend some time doing the work on a site. Last week I was able to spend a half a day on a machine at one and yesterday another half day doing excavation and base prep for a small 30m2 paver job. There are so many things you can teach new guys ...especially site concept and the use of trucks, manpower and equipment to get a quality job done quickly.

    Anyhooo...I'm babbling now.. keep up the good work.
  9. Green-Pro

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    Thanks again. The small granite boulders were actually used as border stone for all the beds, we placed them last year. This is one of our full property maint. places, when we took it over last year we were asked to cut new edges in the beds and place the granite boulders down as border to keep the mowing crews from cutting the corners on the beds. This was a problem with the old mowing service not ours, but customer still wanted to have these placed.
    I was a bit apprehensive about how they would look, but the setting this home is in they really looked quite well. Anyway I set the stones back there when beginning the project and she said she actually kind of liked them there and asked to leave them there, go figure LOL!
    One idea I may pitch to her is to use some small river pebbles between the wall and small stones (mulch there right now). Thinking the dry water way look? I don't know I haven't completely worked that out yet, but have some ideas to propose.

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