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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, Apr 9, 2008.

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    You should have installed a geotextile between your fill and existing soil. You're gonna get a bunch of soil coming through that segmented wall here pretty soon. What material did you use as fill?
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    Nice work pics...I looked at a system that had 7 heads in the front yard last week. I estimated that if I did the job it would need 18 heads. I told the guy that what he had was a step above hoses and he thanked my for my honest opinion and asked if I would repair two broken pipe for him and I did....
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    Nothing coming through yet. It's about 4-5 years old. I used existing soil which is a very hard sand stone type material. I did put a drain pipe behind it, and about 8 spots with a trap or what ever you want to call it to catch the water and then tees into the drain pipe.

    Never said I was a wall guy. I can build 'em, and they look pretty. But they might not be the way real builders build it. Yeah I knew it probably needed something behind it, but this soil is so hard and compacted back really tight. Nothing creeping through the cracks yet. I wouldn't try selling and installing a job for someone else.

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    I describe those kind to customers this way. Well it gets 90% of the area wet and 10% watered.
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    Very good description. I should carry catch cans to show customers this.
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    I finally bought some a few weeks back, and your idea would work well.

    $4 each from U of Utah
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    In the spirit of bring old threads back to the top.........

    We started replacing the flooring of my deck a couple weeks ago. Planned on just the flooring. Since it is a second story deck, we were taking one row off, replacing it, taking another off, replacing it, etc. About 1/2 of the way through we find some joists starting to rot. Figured, eh, not that bad. Kept going and it got worse, much worse. Got to the triple rim joist, and they were rotting too. 2/3 of the deck is covered, 1/3 is not. The 1/3 is the only area with the rot. So for now we are replacing 8 joists, and about 1/3 of the rim joists (appx 15' in length). We're also removing the front stair case. It sucks to begin with, and we never use it. Some of the deck problems are attributed to it being built with nails (not by me) instead of screws. Will post more photos this weekend, when it should all be done. Trying to fit in some actual money making work, and a Rockies game this week.


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    none of you co. guys are near the fire i hope
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    Nice work there.

    I should post pics of the work I've been doing..

    We have spent our summer re-doing the siding around the house. They used this horrible particle cardboard crap underneath the siding, so were replacing all of it with OSB wood, tyvek and then new siding. We also had to replace some of the frame work on the weather damaged side of the house, as well as in the back yard our french door is really hard to open, the upstairs window puts pressure on the french door so we are re-doing the frame work around the window and french door to resupport it. It's been a long process
    Today I invested 8 hours of the back side of the house. I got about 3/4 of the siding off, I had to take out the 2x10x16 board from the deck out from the side of the house, because we don't want to re-do much of the deck I had to saw all the nails out of the support brackets. Fun stuff.
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    Speaking of fire Mitch, how did you make out with your mishap?

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