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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TurfGuyTX, Aug 23, 2002.

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    I got a call from an elderly man yesterday. He wanted an estimate for year round full service. I found out he's only a block from some other customers. Great location for the route. I set an appointment with him, look everything over and prepare my proposal. He comes to the door dumbfounded. Who are you? What are you doing here? I remind him of our appointment and he gets enraged. He never called anyone! No one is going to touch his lawn! He'd never have anyone work on his lawn! (I recognize his voice) What a nut job. He must have Alzeimers or suffer from Dementia. I feel sorry for him, but glad I found out before doing any work for him. Just thought I'd share my experience with all of you. Have a good day.
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    had one like that my first year, actually, very first customer. about 85 yrs old. it was a very, very small lawn. being i was just starting, and very nieve, i didnt bill him for 4 months. well, thats 16 cuts, then he swears i was only there twice. wish he were 50 yrs younger, woulda took it out of his ass. anyway, argued, fought, took my 2 cut payment and left.
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    u rite brother in your diagnosis.
    another fact ,barring some quick way out of this life. 9 outa 10 of us headed rite where he is. this based on my experience working with elderly for many yrs. just didnt realize it happens to most every body. it can be a really miserable time for them. or u can be a little light in their life. not passing out guilt. none of us have time for that in our lives.just reality.
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    Its very possable he has altzhiemers. Had a snow removel contract once the guy owed me over $4000.00. I could talk to him on the phone he would tell me to come get a check. When I would show up he wouldn't know me. His kids finally got him committed, the bank in charge of his estate called and told me he owed everyone. He really forgot to pay his bills. he was loaded. Well it took a little longer but I got my money and interest. Im sure everyone else did to. Its really sad but who knows could be you and I someday, Hope not.
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    Yep, there are more senior citizens who are suffering with "old-timers" then one might think.

    I had one my first season. Her son, Ray, set me up to do the lawn and did not tell me his mom had Altzheimers. She would come out into the yard after I had started mowing, stop me, and say: "What are you doing here?" I would smile and reply: "Just mowing your lawn, mam".

    Then she would say: "Well, you had better leave...Raymond has someone coming over to mow the yard". Then I would say: I'm the guy that Raymond sent." Then she would just nod her head and say: "Oh, OK...... and shuffle back into the house.

    This happened EVERY TIME I went there. Absolutely heartbreaking! :cry:

    Please, dear God,.....spare me and mine this dreaded disease.

    Anyone who acts as a caregiver to those who suffer with this type of mind-wasting illness surely has a special place in Heaven awaiting them! :angel:
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    Hey TurfGuy, send the guy a bill. See what reaction you get.

    LOL J/K
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    sls . your post reminded me of mrs.thomas . long since ,gone to a better place. it finally got to the point that each time i made a round with the mower ,
    she would be waitin with a fresh glass of ice water. time after time. take a swig and spit it out as i rounded the house[the bladder can only take so much]:)
    terribly sad as i had known her and her husband many yrs ,and she was just a little angel when she was still of a rite mind. never will i forget the experience.
    my first of this kind. since then ive know many like her including my deceased dad .
    also my mother is in the final stages of this same thing. each time ,i say goodby
    [last sat] i know it may be the last. she doesnt know who i am,but she knows i love her. probably the reason my service has gone the direction it has.god bless them all.
  8. my uncle had altzheimers he just passed this spring.

    This uncle getting it hit me very hard ,he was my moms brother and next to my father the greatest influence of my whole life.

    Just a few years ago he was every inch a scotsman world war two hero, 82 nd airbourne.
    It hurt a lot see see him fail in mind and body ,this man when you seen him walking down the street everyone knew he was every inch a man.
    IT hurts to see a close relative go this way and it especialy hurts when that relative has been a hero to you for your entire lifetime.

    I would not wish altzheimers on my worst enemy.
  9. dr grass

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    well said sls! i had a lady just today ... actually about an hour ago. picked her up about 3 weeks ago. i tell her, just like i tell all new clients. if it rain during the week you can expect us a day or 2 late ... depending on how many days it has rained. she said no problem. well, i scheduled her on wed. list. this week it rained mon, thurs, and today (fri) well, 3 days this week ... and were still only 2 days behind. not to bad of you ask me. so we go over there and it has been raining for hours. i said screw it and kept the crew going. we pulled up to her house and start mowing. she comes out and starts waving her arms telling us to stop. she tells me she had someone else coming tomorrow since we didnt show up wed. i explained to her that the rain has made us and everyone else that cuts grass behind this week. i also tell her that i explained that all to her when we first met. no go .. she wasnt buying it ... i never told her that, and she doesnt know how i stayed in business all these years. it kinda struck a nerve, but i simply told her good luck with her new lco, and i bolted biting my lip. i know older people get confused, but when messes with your livelyhood, its real fustrating. so live and learn i guess.

    shep :dizzy:
  10. I have one guy who calls to tell us to come cut his lawn not to long after we had cut it already. Every time.

    I think he means to call and say somthing like thanks for coming or nice mowing job etc.... but must forget by the time he dials the phone.

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