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Not necessarily a quandry. . . but -

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Short and too the point - installed an irrigation system slightly over one year ago. Sub. pump in a lake, main line run of almost 900' to property line, massive elevation change, poor terrain - essentially a difficult install. During the install the client did not opt for certain features but I got the system in and functioning with-in code.
Fast forward to now, record breaking freezing temps and yep - the mainline shatters.
The client is demanding I replace everything at my cost, my response is the freezing temps were an act of god, meaning out of my control and out of warranty - BUT I'll repair the mainline for parts cost only.
He freaked out and is trying to register a complaint with TCEQ and what they told him is to pay me as the freezing temps were a problem not normally associated in central Texas.
I'm sticking to my position, material costs only and I'll be out there is a couple of days - he is still demanding the entire repair be eaten by me.
Realistically, I could give a ratsass what this dipshit thinks of me, my company or any possible badmouthing - so my question is : What would you guys do?


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Don't eat any of it. Not your fault or responsibility. There are probably hundreds if not thousands of Texas systems with some kind of freeze damage right now. It was not due to a workmanship issue, or negligence issue (unless you consider not informing him of freeze issues negligent). How many feet of pipe and how long would you expect it to take? I highly doubt the entire mainline is shattered anyway.

If I just had a house built, and a hurricane hit here which it never does - 1000+ miles from the coast - would the builder be liable? No, because it's a freak of nature that nobody could have predicted.


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Dana, I looked at the main line run - it's about 750' not counting elevation changes.
The only thing I have ever seen that looks worse than that main line is my ex's phatass. You know the kind I'm talking about - all wrinkly with cellulite and pock marked?
Well, this main line is almost as bad as that.
I figure two days minimum to stock, re-rig the mainline to the pump, plus cure time, then re immerse the whole thing back into the lake.
And I just know this ****** is going to want a system start up as part of the repair.


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Simsbury CT
no way i would do that for free. Its not your fault. Give him a bill for parts and labor. Either way he will not be giving you business.


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So the mainline is above grade? And he didn't drain it before the freeze that he knew was coming? Screw him, I wouldn't even bother returning his call.
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