Not planting until Spring - bought plants - best course of action?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by AmyL, Oct 27, 2012.

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    Amy: Instead of mulch (woodchips) just buy many bags of a quality black topsoil (manure/compost) and use a lot of it on your plants. What do you mean by the ground is concrete? No ground is concrete. Anyway, you can reuse your compost/manure topsoil mix for the transplant in the spring. A lot of people lay a patio tree rose down and cover the whole thing (top and all) up for the winter and they survive well. You might do well to just call a nursery and let one of their guys come out and do it for you. I see you have a lot invested in a few plants. Why not spend a little more and be safe.
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    May work for some deciduous plants, but I wouldn't bury an evergreen.

    Why? What is cardboard going to provide that the bottom of the pot doesn't already?
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    It will be best to find a local guy, who has gone through severe winter as a gardener, to look at what you've done and secure the plants... :)

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