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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bare spot, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. bare spot

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    had just fired up the mower today at my first job today and heard all this yelling and screaming for me. sounded really bad and from there expressions new it wasn't going to be good. (remember hearing a machine out back, bad thought came to mind) here it was a guy in a bobcat with his hand caught., wtf. how it happened, guy was using the machine, spreading dirt making passes back and forth under a clothesline, so everytime he'd make pass, he'd reach up from cab, and would push clothesline out of way, only this pass he got hand wedge in somehow., (still not sure, maybe bumped controls somehow) to shorten the story, he's a very lucky man if tonight if he's able to use it again. but to get hand free is still somewhat of mystery to me. i had to wedge myself in the cab and undo safety belt and re-hook. took doing this twice but did trick, he to fire up machine after doing this, so as to lift bucket., my only thought is some kind of safety control, don't know, yet to operate one. guy was a homeowner and give the guy credit big time for keeping his wits, not sure if machine was his. sorry about this in the lawn care post, but hopefully it will remind someone to stay focussed and watch out when taking chance's, so to keep on keeping on etc,,.. bare spot
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    It just shows you how fast things can happen and when you least expect it, although its not a mowing story we are involved in a very dangerous industry, look at RodFather late last year, narrowly being missed getting run down and chopped up by his own walk behind, and he has been mowing for 20+ years so its not just home owners and newbees.
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    Ive been in this industry for 5 yrs and last week I had my toes get crushed by a bobcat scoop. It just lost hydrollic pressure and bam pinned my foot to the ground. We do work in a dangerous industry alot of large and heavy equipment things happen fast. I know first hand.

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