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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Older & Older, Feb 2, 2006.

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    Need advice on what to do for my troubled lawn. The ground around our house is basic red clay. On top of that we have spread a layer of brown top soil that was taken from a low spot in a field by the house – we’re hoping for a pond some day if it will finish filling. Anyway, I think this is dirt that has washed down into the low spot over the years. It looks like pretty decent dirt, but the grass hasn’t been all that happy with it. We sowed a fairly heavy application of Rebel III fescue late Spring 2004; plug aerated and over-seeded Spring 2005 and have been rewarded with a less than spectacular stand; millions of cuckle-burrs however. I had the cuckle-burrs sprayed last Fall, additionally we spread lime (1 ton / acre) and fertilized with triple 19 from the Co-Op.

    I had intended to over-seed agasin last Fall, but with the lack of rain decided to wait until early Spring this year. What else would you guys suggest? BTW, the yard is about 4 acres.
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    What does the soil test say?

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    Could be many things. Doing a soil test may help. I would at least do a DEEP tine aeration to try to stabilize those two different soil layers. Seed will grow fine in red clay. Just because it's red don't mean it's dead. I can imagine on 4 acres you don't have irrigation. You're probably going to have to seed it several times before it grows in full. Fertilizing and killing the weeds as you go. Remember, new seed doesn't like herbicides. Overseed the bare and thin spots every fall until your happy. Buy good fescue from a local Ag house, not that Home Depot crud.
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    First thing to do is stop using the tripple 19 fertilizer. Way to high a salt content for establishing grass. Heck, it will even kill healthy turf.

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