Not stolen but think i got scammed


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So I go look at a 2014 vride at a guys house. Walk up to the mower it starts up nicely and i drive it around everything with the mower is working good.
I wait a couple of days to make an offer and we come to an agreement.
I set up a time to go pickup the mower for the next day. He says he can bring it to me if I wanted and I agree.
He brings the mower and unloads it and shuts the mower off. I later start the mower and park it by my garage.
I end up cutting my lawn and the mower is running and cutting great. I put the mower in neutral with the parking brake on and it shuts down.
I own another scag and never had this problem. I try a couple more times and the mower will not stay running. Then it would not start. Just the clicking noise. I fiddle with the pto and it starts to at least turn over.
So I put on a new pto switch. Start the mower and it runs for a second or two and shuts down. Now it won't start at all and just turns over.
Guess I should have just bought a new mower. Totally feeling like I've been scammed.


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Vrides are notorious for the ground to come loose. There’s a nut tucked under/behind the starter the negative terminal attaches to that may seem tight, but I’d suggest taking it off and retightening. It creates many gremlins


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You got served!! Bet that will be the last time you buy a used mower... Hopefully he didn’t know about it and intentionally not disclose it. Does seem a little suspicious he offered to drop it off, though. I’m always weary buying used equipment if it’s more than a couple hundred bucks. I got screwed on a mini skid steer once... I tracked the guy down and eventually got him to take it back.

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