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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by mayorofperryville, May 5, 2011.

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    So the other day I was on a job with my very old and trusty Echo srm 220 (1995 model). Sometimes she wont start right off and a quick shot of ether and shes off. So ether,leaky old echo and probably a spark leak causes Fire!! So here i am swinging around my flaming weed eater like a real Fancy type landscaper. Today I go to my dealer to buy an Echo powerhead. First off pics and serial numbers, Then an electric etcher with my name and number on several places shaft,body and under air filter cover. then i hitch up the trailer and go to work.
  2. mayorofperryville

    mayorofperryville LawnSite Member
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    any Ideas on how to lock up a power head in a trimmer rack? the only problem i have found so far with my new trimmer/power head is how to secure it. Any input would be appreciated
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    The only way to go.
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    Same way i went here.

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