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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by coxlandscaping, May 15, 2008.

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    I’m not sure what to charge for this my customer already had some outdoor lighting but it was not working. We had removed it to install decorative retaining wall and we put in a whole new landscape and added irrigation. The trouble with the lights not working was bad wiring blown bulbs etc. I fixed all that. The trouble is I do not know what to charge for reinstalling there existing lights. 6 Path Lights, 11 well lights and they have a 600 watt transformer how would you all charge for this? Plus they want to talk with us about servicing there lights from now on what to charge for a service contract.
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    I would charge time and materials for the work you did on the lighting. Whatever your hourly rate is for service, plus your materials cost with a fair mark-up. Hopefully you track your hours for anything not on contract so you can job-cost it accordingly. Is this client easy to work with on non-contract items?
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    I have encountered a few install only jobs where the products were provided. I don't like them because it really takes you out of the loop, and who are you going to take the product back to if it fails in the future? If you didn't buy it from your distributor, it wouldn't be right to ask them for the replacments. Because it's an old system, this compounds the problem. Once you put your hands on it, it will become your problem from now on. If the system is several years old, get ready to know these people well.
    I usually charge $150 per fixture as an install only price, and this includes the connectors and new wire. I would tell them that this will be the cost, but then offer an entirely new system that you can put a warranty on. The cost would only be 800-1200 more, but you could then assure them that the system would be correct and with no issues. Of course, I'm assuming you know how to install a lighting system that is issue free?
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    It takes more time to fix and install used lights than new ones. If I look at 17 used fixtures installed with new wire, bulbs, and connectors on an existing trans, In my mind, I remove my cost of the lights and trans from my per fixture cost of a new bid. so for me aprox. $3500- your normal cost of trans and lights, and you arrive at a fair price.
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    First off... was it quality stuff and even worth reinstalling ?

    I wouldnt do the service contract unless its high quality stuff.

    Other than that all service or reinstallations is time plus materials with an estimate usually furnished before work begins.
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    I would say it depends on the quality of the light. If the sockets are ok and all you need to do is clean the lenses and re-wire the fixtures then maybe you can make it work. In which case you could charge them an hourly rate or a rate per fixture to include your time for refurbishing. Also include the cost to replace lamps and make connections.

    But like Billy said, if it isnt quality stuff then dont bother with it because it will only hurt YOU in the long run. He who touches the system last becomes the one responsible!

    Also check and see what manufacturers producs they are and see if there is a warranty on some of the damaged or broken stuff. In most cases, again as long as it is a quality manufacturer, the TF should be fine.

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