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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jeeperscrow, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. wbw

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    You can't make the next move until you raise your prices. When you add employees and equipment your overhead is going to sky rocket.
  2. mhelpdesk

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    If you really want to get granular with the business analysis, look at the Kauffman foundation too. They have virtually every kind of business analysis tool online. You've gotten a lot of great advice here. Build on it and you'll be far ahead of the competition.
  3. jeeperscrow

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    Believe me I'm seeing that now! Employees are very costly, and I added a new expensive mower at the start of the season that I have quite a few payments left on. Some days makes me want to go back to doing everything myself to make better income, but once you get used to someone else running a's hard to go back to running a trimmer lol.
  4. jeeperscrow

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    I will check into that, and I agree, GREAT advice on here. Thanks everyone!
  5. 32vld

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    Who's better at the trimming and edging?
  6. jeeperscrow

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    The unfortunate fact is I far. That's another problem with employees...I can't find one who will do the job like me, and I've been through a few. Having trouble with that.
  7. 32vld

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    Typical business owner/Landscaper. He puts the least skilled lowest paid employee on the hardest job.

    A great mower will leave a great cut no matter who's butt is on the seat.
    And the lawn will look great.

    However the edge is where everyone's eyes first see and a poorly looking edge is what they will see and remember about your work. Gee' that company does poor work, I need a landscaper but I am not going to call them.
  8. Aussie-Gardener

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    Great thread. Similar stage as myself.
    I have one great guy who I trust and can take my second vehicle out.
    The trouble I am having is finding the second and third person when you can only offer a couple of days a week and more in the peak season.
    Most experienced guys are looking for a full week.

    It's hard seeing a team drive off with your gear to service your clients to start with. But when you have a right person I can see how it can grow.
    Plus it's nice not having to be on the tools as often.

    I just seem to go through 10 staff to fine one with a good work ethic and a reasonable skill level.
  9. oqueoque

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    That is correct.

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