Not sure what to do with this landscape?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by buffalonick, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. buffalonick

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    So i have a customer that wants new mulch and wants me to clean up the area, but doesnt want there plants and shrubs messed up, i guess there are actually flowers in there. How do i get rid of all those weeds and keep them out along with not messing up the flowers and shrubs. What process or steps before mulch?




  2. i would edge out beds, pull any grass/weeds out of the newly made beds, put down a pre-emergent and add mulch. I would try and sell them on a new install as well...that stuff looks terrible.
  3. BearWise Landscapers

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    I agree. Sell them on an upgrade!

    Let us know how it turns out.
  4. buffalonick

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    I tried to upsell and push for an upgraded landscape design, even with the current plants just replanted and the guys said no no no, All he wants is the weeds taken care of and a new rubber edging put in with mulch. Not even a nice edge done. So i plan to pull and rake as many weeds and grass as i can. Put a new rubber edging on, put preen down and add about 3 inches of mulch.
  5. Cloud9Landscapes

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    I like the advice of others. I just must chime in and say how much I can relate to this situation, highly frustrating when a customer doesn't want good when you offer good. I always think to myself "I don't do sub-quality work for a sub-quality price".
  6. Well, good for you for asking....Now, just give them what they want and do the best job. You won't win them all, but you will be surprised at how many people will go with an upsell, at least I have found that to be the case.
  7. VO Landscape Design

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    With beds like that with flowers in them I like to use a Hula Hoe. It gets around existing flowers quite well and you can just skim the top of the soil or get down an inch or so for the tougher weeds. Going to buy one and cut the handle shorter for a hand tool.

    hula hoe.jpg
  8. Runner

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    Find a private applicator company, have them come in and spray these beds with gly for you, then clean them out, reset the edging, and remulch. By hiring the applicator guy, this will save you a whole lot of work and you won't be nearly as apt to have new stuff growing up, as it will kill the roots, too (if you scrape that stuff out, much will grow back due to roots still being in there).
  9. betmr

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    I second this approach, and add pruning, shape up the shrubs and get the dead wood out.
  10. mike174

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    Since you're putting Preen down, I assume you have a pesticide license. Hit the beds with RoundUp 1 - 2 weeks before the job to make it a little easier. I take pride in my work, but sometimes, you have to give them what they are willing to pay for. I have walked away from jobs saying "I would have done it different if I had my way", but the customer was saying "thank you, it looks great". What looks less than perfect to us, may look great compared to what the homeowner has been doing to their property. Again, they get what they pay for....

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