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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by hawkerhino, Oct 14, 2010.

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    OK, i have just moved to Jasper TX and not sure what to do with the yard. for the past several years it has been mowed with a tractor and bushhog. i have now got it under control and mowed weekly at 2.5 inches. but there is a wide range of types of grass and weeds. some spots are very thin and others very thick. it is a 5 acre lot and need some ideas on what to do to get a fairly nice yard going. should i do some type of winter fert or just wait till spring?

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    Before you spend any money, do a soil test(s) to find out where you pH is. Use a good lab and not one of those cheap home kits. How much lime is needed is determined by percent of organic material. I don't know of any homeowner kit that will do that for you. 5 acres is a lot so you might as well do it right.
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    thanks for the reply, that gives me a starting point.....

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