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Discussion in 'Lawn Care Business Management' started by yankeerose, May 2, 2013.

  1. yankeerose

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    We are wanting to hire and was waiting to know how what the pay scale is right now we have around 150 accounts in fert and weed control we are a full sevice garden center and landscaping co. we do alot more then fert and weed control right now im the only one lis at this time i just sent a employee to purdue to take his core test im not sure how to pay him (wages ) or % of what he sprays ? just not sure how to handle and should i make him sign some kind of no compete form plus im going to have to train him any ideas thanks Randy
  2. doug1980

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    Pay depends on your market. When I was in Southern Indiana $12.00 per hour was about as good as it got for a Spray Tech. Course that was a fairly small town. In Northern Florida $12.00 is about the average. I'm on Salary but most are hourly. Hope that helps.
  3. yankeerose

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    thanks, thats what i have heard
  4. andersman02

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    We start at salary plus commision on jobs done. Service calls are done by the tech without commission.

    Our best techs with the tankers pull in roughy $20/ hr depending on type of app. They have been beasts though, records for our company this year getting 35 jobs+/day

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