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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Century Landscape, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Century Landscape

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    All right,

    So I sent out about 400 postcards a week ago and I've had three calls so far - one was asking if I trimmed trees (serious stuff, so not at this time), the other two were people asking if I had any jobs available!:hammerhead:

    Too bad that's not what I was looking for!

    Anyhow, I'll be sending out about 480 more tomorrow. What kind of rate of return do you guys normally see on direct mailed postcards? I've targeted them to some of the areas where I already have customers and the market should be able to afford my services. Any rough idea on how many calls I can expect / what percentage you normally receive?

    I know each market's different, but as a percentage, I'm curious what kind of response others in my industry receive.

    Thanks, all response is appreciated.
  2. CSL&L

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    2-3% is average
  3. Century Landscape

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    I sure hope part of my 2-3% wasn't wasted with the job hunters:cry:

    I'd love to spend more on advertising but I'm small right now. Oh well, at least I got a great piece together to mail out.
  4. HitchC&L

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    I sent out 1263 of them this past week

    2 Calls for decks

    1 Call for sheetrock

    1 Call for tree work

    1 Call to ask if I was hiring

    0 Calls for mowing

    The postcard was directed to pick up mainly mowing customers, with a striped lawn background, but my business is built as being a construction company that also offers landscape/mowing/site work, so Im pleased that I got the decks and sheetrock bids, but I was really hoping to add some more mowing this season.

    Hopefully Ill get some mowing calls in the next few days, spring cleanups are just starting and mowing will be in a week or two so Im starting to get worried
  5. lawnkingforever

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    Postcards may be different, but putting out flyers is becoming useless. I have seen so many flyers jammed into those newspaper slots on the mailboxes around here. People are just throwing them out or letting them sit in there. Invest that money into good signage for your rig.
  6. nobagger

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    Its slow going here as well. We've had advertising in a local paper that goes to 50/60k people if not more and 1 call from it, we usually average a few calls a day from this paper this time of year. I called a few people we didn't hear from with renewals, their response was oh I wasn't even thinking about that yet. Its coming up on the end of April but our weather just plain sucks! Rain, even wet snow as of the other day so I don't think people are really thinking of it yet, it still feels and looks like winter still. Just keep your name out there, eventually it pays off.
  7. doyles

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    same problem here hopefully it will warm up this weekend and ito next week
    so people will start thiunking about there lawns
  8. Golfpro21

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    same up here in Ontario..............snow the last few nights, and rain.....pretty low temps.....we had a stretch of like 5 great days last week.....the phone calls were crazy....picked up like 8 new accounts, no the phone seems like its unplugged......but noone is thinking about grass with minus 2 temps
  9. zopi

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    Direct mail has the smallest return per dollar invested of almost any advetising method...takes deep pockets, and is really only useful to larger organizations who are tweaking a tiny fraction of market share increase....a good tactic for mailing when you are small is targeted mailing..write down neighbor's addresses while out working, particularly ones that bear the tells of busy working folks who don't have time to mess with hunting someone up to do the work.
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  10. PostcardMania

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    Hey there! First of all, 400 postcards is NOT gong to get you sort of large response rate you're expecting, it's just too little. Every postcard campaign we've done for this industry starts with 2,000 - 3,000 postcards per mailing.

    There are several other factors that may be adding to your low response rate... for example the offer, the design/layout of the card, is your phone number and website easy to see, are you listing benefits or just featuring what you can do?

    The company I work for, PostcardMania, has collected stories of some of our most successful landscaping clients and compiled them in a report we call "How to Get More Landscaping Clients: 7 Real-Life Marketing Success Stories". You can download this report (for free) and see what others, just like you did!

    Here's the link:

    Hope this helps :)

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