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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by bobcat_ron, Aug 8, 2008.

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    But, I was at my local Bobcat dealer with my Cat picking up a Landscape Rake for the day, as I was chaining down the skid steer, a local owner/operator pulled up beside me with his 335 mini. After he un-chained, he came over and gave my Cat 247 a good look through, his first comment was, “wow, that machine is built very stout”.

    My reply was, “yeah, I used to be a Bobcat fanatic, but they just don't seem to stop breaking down.”

    “Yeah, no sh*t, I know exactly what you mean!” he said laughing.

    I asked him what is experiences were, and he told me that he owns a Komatsu and a Kubota excavator, both have cost him nothing in the years since he bought them, and never broke down, they get great fuel economy and they just keep on going.

    His Kubota excavator, which is bigger than his Bobcat 335, has the same engine and gets better fuel economy and runs cooler, sure, it isn't built up as heavy as it should be, but it still keeps going.

    His Bobcat however, a track spilt apart at 600 hours, it was in the shop for 2 weeks due to a cab problem that took awhile to be fixed, the windows are popping out of the frames and seals, the pins and bushings are all worn out, the quick attach sticks and doesn't always work, it runs hot (hydraulic and engine temps) it uses even more fuel than the Kubota, it vibrates terribly at idle and runs loud at WOT, it's shaky on the pilot controls and he really doesn't like it anymore. Once that machine hits 1000 hours, he's getting rid of it.

    He also told me that everyone says that Cat was a higher price tag, but I told him, “at least they give you 24 hour service, these Bobcat buggers only work 8-10 hours and they go home, Finning has people on night shifts and on standby, that's what you pay extra for“.

    I never asked why he bought it in the first place, I assume it might have been the dealer's low finance rates or a trade in value that was higher than anyone else, who knows, but he was not happy to be there again.

    I didn't get much of a chance to talk with him after that, there was a sudden influx of owner/operators with their loaders/excavators (assumably all broke down) coming in, and I was taking up the best parking spot. As I drove away, I thought, “I'm glad I don't own a Bobcat skid steer or mini excavator, I love my Cat, it never breaks down.”
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    Where was this at Bobcat Country or Surfwood ?
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    Bobcat Country, but I'll bet my third nut there are more customers like that at just about every Bobcat dealership.
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    I wont be the one to ask but I'm sure someone else on this forum is going to want to see a pic of that 3rd nut of yours.
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    Not to rain on your parade but how long have you had your Cat? It's nice and all but how many hours are on the meter? :rolleyes:

    I was all giddy about everything new I've ever had in the first few months... it's called the honeymoon. And it always wears off.

    I hope your machine runs for 4000 hours without a single issue. But let us know when you get to 500 hours.
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    Don't we all have a third nut? I have a third nipple.

    But on a serious note, I don't know how anyone can justify buying a Bobcat product after reading something like this now or in the past, even as I was walking around the yard after dropping off my rake this morning, there were at least 25 new machines, some skid steers ranging from the S130 to a T320, not one of those machines had the SJC option, that should be a dead give away to Bobcat's problems, and the rest were mini excavators, not the least bit impressive to me with all their "eye candy".
    And every time I come to the dealer for rentals, the shop is jammed to the walls with mostly new machines and older units in for minor and major repairs, and every mechanic is working on something.

    That is one Compact Equipment company that will never have to worry about a failing economy, their crap is always breaking and leaking, kinda like getting into the Funeral Home business, that's one line of work that never ends!! [​IMG]
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    Well I heard Finnings sales are so bad they are pulling out of B.C. completely :laugh:

    Bobcats quality has been going down hill for quite a few years who knows what is going to happen when Daewoo takes over.
  8. bobcat_ron

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    I know I'm on the Honeymoon stage, but as I recall, after 200 hours on my Boobcrap, I was already cleaning out the radiators and changing fuel filters, the cab needed major sealing (I found the real big gap in the frame)the bolts from the main tilt pins had to be tightened and I had already replaced 3 grease fittings on the tilt-tach because they snapped off when a rock clipped them.
    It was the little things that had to addressed on the Bobcat's Honeymoon period.
    This morning, after I got home, I grabbed the water hose and gave the engine bay and radiator a wash out, pulled the air filter out and tapped it clean and pulled the cab filters out and washed them out with soapy water.
    Bobcat discourages tapping the air filters and using water to clean the radiators, you need to use compressed air and remove the top radiator to get the bottom 2 rads clean, very time consuming and it burns if the rads are hot!
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    That was one item I talked about with one of the owners, I asked them if they had heard about the new Bobcat changes, he said no, they were going to stick with the tried and tested, side engine and side pumps, that's what works, and that's the best. :laugh:

    I do recall something here about inline pumps and engines for the new Doocats?
  10. SiteSolutions

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    I would like to have a look at one of the solid u/c Cats, maybe when the C series cabs come to the medium frame loaders. And maybe after I get caught up on my rent-to-own payments on the harley rake I am buying from the Cat dealer... they probably don't want to try to sell me anything else right now.

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