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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1st Rate Lawns, Sep 21, 2004.

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    Recently i decided to mess with my prices. This being my first year in this area i was hard pressed to come up with a priceline. What i did is take over all my familie's lawns. Then i asked what they were paying. From that i got an idea of what the going rates kinda are. Except that i know my service and not to be cocky is much better than what they were getting. ANyway recently i have raised my prices on new bids. And to tell you the truth i am surprised at what happened. About a 50% success rate. Didn't raise them much. What made me do it is a woman who called mid summer and said she couldn't do her lawn anymore, she just wanted a little hill on about 1500sqft lawn. I told her for the price she should just have us mow the whole thing and clear out here mulch. I told her the price of $35. Now before this lawn would go for about 25 so she said yes. I told her the first time would be more. Well to this day for about six months, she still pays us $35 a mow. So i am still trying to demand more than most and perform more.
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    1st Rate - Glad to hear about your success :)

    I started a few years ago and I was mowing for $20 and working for $20-25 an hour. Everyone always bragged about my work and I received many referrals. I have raised my rates over the years and I am now mowing for $25 - 30 ( 3000-6000 sq ft ) and charge $45-50 per man hour. I am as busy as ever and love getting paid.... :cool2:

    If you do great people will pay you what you want in most cases.

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