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    So, hello all. I've been contemplating being my own boss for years, and am finally in the position to get the ball rolling. I've chosen an outdoor industy because I love fresh air & being active! My startup will be called Paul's "Green Thumb" Garden, Gutters & Lawn. I plan on starting out with residential services, and hopefully I can expand into some commercial contracts as I learn and grow. Will probably be a sole proprietorship for the first year or two.

    I currently have a Tacoma pickup, and am planning on buying a 6x12 enclosed trailer (Wells Cargo looks very nice). I just picked up a nice Stihl FS 100 RX trimmer, and am looking at a Stihl backpack blower as well. I have a 21" Toro homeowner-grade mower, and assorted hand tools. Gotta research the best mower, 'cause I know that the little Toro won't last...

    My bro-in-law is a graphic artist, so I have high hopes that the logo he is working on will be cool, lol. I plan on starting with magnetic truck signs, door hangers, business cards, and probably polo shirts with my company name on them. I'll be networking with all my friends & family for referrals. I'm hoping to learn how the networking thing works real fast, heh.

    I just thought I'd say that this is a great website! Loads of good info here.:)

    Wish me luck! :usflag:

    Any advice or suggestions will be appreciated. :drinkup:

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