Nothing Burns Like A Deere !!!!!

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by JKOOPERS, Feb 3, 2006.


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    good old john deere at it again trying to rip off my costumers. tonyr dont feel bad there is guy here in missouri that bought a homeowners L111 garden tractor (with a 1 year warranty )and it burnt up within 7 months , there was a recall for a gas tank or line rupture but his model was not in it. well the mower is now toast and john deer is not willing to help this guy out at all . THATS WHAT YOU CALL COSTUMER SERVICE !!!! :gunsfirin :gunsfirin :gunsfirin :gunsfirin :gunsfirin :gunsfirin :gunsfirin :gunsfirin

  2. deereman

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    Something is missing with this story...........I have a hard time believing that Deere themselves nor the dealer if thats where is was purchased would not take care of that. Was that homeowner level used for comm. work? If it was then they wont and should not. I love Deere and have allways had good luck with there products, however I wish Deere would stick with there good quality line of equipment and stay away from that cheaper line of mowers that they are dabbling in. But the cheap homeowner line of equipment is a fairly big market and they want a piece of that too!

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    the guy that bought was using it for his home not commercial at all. he bought it from home cheapo
  4. lawnman_scott

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    Well if the mower he had was not part of the recall who is to say what caused the fire? If it wasnt a malfunction then they arent responsible.

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    its under warranty thats the problem deer ewont cover there own warranty and it even includes fire in the warranty. the other problem no deere rep has bothered to look at the machine or anything . you and i both know why b/c they dont give a sh!the guy that this happened to said the REASON he bought this mower was name.

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    well what caused the fire spilled gas? debris build up? if you dont know what caused the fire how can you say it should be covered. they are not responsible for user error
  7. DLCS

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    Until I hear the full scoop,I'm calling this one B.S. For all we know this could be a simple case of misuse or abuse and likely the cause. Not to mention all info is second hand.

    Why is this in the commercial forum?
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    This thread makes me not ever want to buy a JD. It proves that those machines are crap and their service sucks too.

  9. afftandem

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    I remember once reading a thread on here that kawasaki wasnt always honoring their warrenties......

    This is a normal business practice to some degree with any product.
    Initially, turn the customer down and see how much they complain.

    Think of it like soc. security.. theyre automatically turn u down.. you have to get a lawyer, and it takes a couple yrs to recieve it.. this is the norm for alot of people (its a practice for even our government)

    we hear of "everyones out to sue everyone"
    we hear "that u can never win ur lawsuits"
    NOT TRUE! the majority of us sit on our rears and whine like babies but rarely file a lawsuit when we are skrewed over such as this.
    It ussually takes a car accident or work related accident to get us into a courtroom.

    A good dealer will break it down and see if jd should repair/replace this mower.
    A good businessman will do the same, but also, a good businessman will not replace/repair the mower if caused by user error.

    Having said that .. theyre are several that would turn him down to save a few bucks and not look at the big pic... this is bad business, but they are plenty in business that absolutely should not be.

    If this guy kept care of the mower like he should, then he has an easily winnable case (which he will win)... in small claims and would be rewarded the 40$-50$ it takes to file... Quit whining and file a small claims on the dealer or jd.... theyll probably fix or replace it without even goin to court.. If it was his fault then he wont win.
  10. Tonyr

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    If this is the whole story then as far as I'm concerned, deere should do something, what caused the fire we don't know, but come the fuk on, these are mowers and mowers should not burn down, especially in normal conditions!

    just 'cause the bloody thing is a deere, I wish the supporters would back off and have some sympathy for a change, it would be better business to fix this then to leave it and get bad publicity.

    We all know deere don't give customer service, it is up to the dealer, if the dealer isn't helpful, ya buggered. period.

    Though my issues with deere are over, I do know what that helpless frustrating sickening feeling is about that this guy will be feeling.

    deere don't care, he has to pressure the dealer, no other way.

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