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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by ZTR_Diesel, Jul 31, 2009.

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    Today after I had just finished up mowing a neighbor's yard, I parted the Yazoo in front of the garage, fired up my back-pack blower to clean it off. Suddenly I noted something in my driveway. I turned to see an old Chevy truck with a black-top tank on it, and this old guy is right next to me already trying to ask me something. I shut down the blower and he proceeds to ask me if I knew how to string up this "new" string trimmer he has.

    I probably looked a bit dumbfounded to him, (and I still have the blower on my back) so he opens a panel on the side of his truck, pulls it out with the discombobulated head & line. I look at it, and I ask him "why didn't they instruct you at the place you bought this how to string it up?" I noted the unit still had a price tag on it. He had quite a bit of other equipment on this old truck, more than it was probably worth. I kept asking myself, what is a blacktopper doing with a string trimmer?

    After I asked the question, he realized I wasn't buying something and proceeded to leave. I didn't call the police, maybe I should have, but I put everything away as I left. I noted the old truck had no front plate on it.

    Anyone know what I should have done? :dizzy:
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    When in doubt, call the police. It better to have them check and it be nothing. I tell my neighbors all the time, if something even looks suspicious call the police, or call me and I will investigate and call the police. Better safe than sorry.


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    seems kinda suspicious
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    Maybe he used it to edge before he put down the black top. When I lived in PA we had a black top drive and before they came my dad had to edge the drive so that they could get the sides of the drive. But that is still suspicious that he had that much equipment in his truck.
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    Thanks for the replys. I think what got me was that most of it looked very new, the truck was very old (and dirty) and the equipment just didn't, well, fit.

    I did call the local police in the town I live close to and talked with the dispatcher. She indicated that it was probably on the ragged edge of her comfort zone as well, and that I would have to call the county and file a formal complaint. Then she proceeded to say that she wouldn't have gone that far in this case. That's when I let it drop, but I informed my neighbors and we'll be keeping an eye out.

    And yes - to the last post, I do get that idea.

    Guess i ought not to be too suprised right now - lots of folks just trying to make ends meet any way they can.

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