Novae, PLEASE send me my Pro-Slide Spring!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. MOW ED

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    I am not sure of the reason but sometimes I just have to wonder how some places stay in business. First off I have had a Pro-Slide for about 9 years I think. I have replaced parts by calling the factory directly as there is no dealer in my area.
    I had a simple gas charged spring go bad and called on Friday Sept 21. The dude took my order and more importantly my billing info and said that it would be shipped that day. Cool.
    Stuff usually comes UPS and is here in about 3 to 4 days.

    FF to Friday Sept 28. No package yet, credit card on line check said Billed Sept 22. Called to check and lady on the phone this time and she said that the part must have been back ordered but the paper on her desk says it was going out that afternoon.

    OK, I'll cut them some slack, stuff happens and I know that some employees can be boneheads.

    FF to Oct.5. TWO weeks ago and NO PACKAGE. Credit card due, billed at over 42 bucks for a small gas spring. I call again and get another lady. She says she is "working on this" and would call me back. I told her I am busy and she can call to tell my wife what is what.
    She called and said that UPS made a mistake. I know that UPS is not a mindreader and they deliver where the shipper tells them. She said that they would overnight the package. That translates to ship friday and mayby I will get it today, Monday October 8th, 17 days after.

    No its not a major deal but it shows how customer service can really suck with some companies. I understand that things happen but I was lied to on multiple occasions by these clowns and on top of that I am paying top dollar for a crappy little gas spring. I am going to take the spring to Grainger and see if they have a match. Anyone else know where we can get these small gas springs. I just dread having to order other things from them, thank goodness they don't make mowers or I would be sunk. Thanks for reading, I feel slightly better.
  2. naturescape

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    I have ordered Proslides and parts for them MANY times direct from Novae. I'd say about 15 times. And I have NEVER had any problem, and usually have the part within 3 days. .....I just don't want to see their reputation suffer from ONE experience.
  3. JHLC

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    McMaster Carr is an industrial supply company. They have the gas springs along with a lot of other stuff.
  4. naturescape

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    BTW, if you have a Proslide or Proslide XT -- always have an extra gas spring, a pair of torsion springs, and a wear plate (I make my own at $10/each) on hand. You will use the parts eventually, and it's best to have a spare so you don't have to wait for one to be delivered.
  5. Idealtim

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    I had a similar experience with ebay in the past. Bought a cell phone and never came a month later I filed a report with paypal and ended up getting a refund. The whole experience royally pissed me off. I loved paying nextel's bill for a month that I didn't have a phone to use, too.
  6. MOW ED

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    naturescape I wasn't as much trashing the company as I was the lying about the issue.
    I understand that stuff happens but don't lie to me MULTIPLE times. I have ordered from Novae multiple times and I did have previous issues but I am not bringing all that up now.

    If the part is out of stock TELL ME, I understand that kind of thing occurs but when I am lied to on multiple occasions and my credit card is billed I get to be a little suspect.

    I like the ProSlide and would consider buying another one but the couple of people who supposedly "helped me" did nothing but lie and by the way it is Tuesday October 9th and that overnighted part that was PROMISED on Friday has NOT arrived. So yes you may want to think that their reputation shouldn't suffer because of one incident but it is multiple incidents and I still don't have a part.

    BTW Thanks JHLC for the link I will not use Novae for any part I can get somewhere else even if it costs more.
  7. wahlturfcare

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    for springs try as they are fairly cheap and have tons of equipment.
    I buy lots of stuff from them.
  8. lawncuttinfoo

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    Anyone have the generic part numbers or specs for these pro slide parts, like the gas spring or torsion springs?
  9. naturescape

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  10. lawncuttinfoo

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    Those are the proslide part numbers, and they don't list specs for the springs there (they just call them "torsion spring right and left" and "gas spring")

    I'm looking for some generics. So I need specs.

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