Novice building a retaining wall: Pics and drawings included

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by blkhawk661, May 21, 2012.

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    We get a lot of calls for walls and we build a lot of walls.

    Sometimes people say "we need a wall becuse we're tired of mowing this hill". Fact is - they can pay a mowing company to mow the grass for the next 10 yrs and it will be less money then the wall.

    If you do end up doing grading, yes you can place fill over the existing drain field. But you may also hinder the area designated at your back up drain field. Which could pose a problem when your current field fails.
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    I'm just glad that I was able to deter a potential nightmare for this nice engineer from NKY. Think about how many people don't consult professionals before undertaking such a project. I don't like to see anyone get in over their heads and cause undue physical/mental stress. I'm the hardscaping Mother Theresa, I guess.
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    thanks. I will keep drainage at the forefront of my mind. The landscaper who suggested this seems very knowledgeable and I trust his expertise, though i will push him on drainage.

    He was the one who pointed out to me the wall was in a drainage field and that i probably didn't have ideal grading away from my house.
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    Thanks mom :)

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