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Now I get the crap from customers because of previous Goof Balls"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hummingbird3d, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. hummingbird3d

    hummingbird3d LawnSite Member
    Messages: 104

    I started out with a great relationship with my customer and then they wanted to have their backyard sprinkler system redone because 3 previous so called landscapers and LCO's re-did their sprinkler system, all with their own special touch. Each time the customer paid lots of money for labor and sprinkler heads that DID NOT do the job of watering the area that needed irrigation.

    So, I look over the yard, draw up a sketch with notes on what needs to be done. Basically the piping and the heads and head placement are all wrong. The customer calls me up a few days later and asks for my estimate and I tell her (My mistake - I should have done this face to face.) There was a seemingly long pause and then she said, oh we can't do that it is way too much. Then she asks me if we can do this in stages.

    Yesterday I cut the lawn and take care of stage one and things are sort of ok. When stage 2 was talked about, the other lady was just 1 word away from probably cussing me and every other landscaper for cheating her out. I pretty much justified my plan and the cost to her so that she wouldn't loose her temper, but the pent up anger from before was being lashed out on me during the discussion. I hated this whole scenario, but kept in mind that 1 I would not cheat myself out of fair labor payment and 2 I was in no way gouging them in the proposal I was giving.

    I just hated being the one taking the CRAP because of bad work from someone else. On the other hand, if things work out it is because of the bad work that I'll have more to do later by repairing the sprinkler system. Oh well...:hammerhead::dizzy::cry:

    Now I need one of these :drinkup:
  2. i have had to fix some major screw ups before. The worst was one in hot springs. The guy quit in the middle of installing the system after he drew all the money he had budgeted for the system.

    so i start working on it by the hour cause of all the screw ups to start with. The builder is helping me. The guy ran a 1 1/4 line for the intake out of the lake cause thats all he had on the truck that day when it should have been run in 2" line. We work and work to get the pump primed we spent over half a day.

    come to find out the moron had hooked the intake into one of the control valves at the manifold. after fixing that problem and a bunch of leaks and other stupid mistakes along with replacing the pump so that it would be large enough to handle the long runs and screwed up zones he had run it cost him double to put in and all i heard the whole time is the builder griping about how much money he was spending and kept wanting to tell him if he had paid attention to what the yahoo was doing before and not just writing him a check when he wanted one

  3. hummingbird3d

    hummingbird3d LawnSite Member
    Messages: 104

    This is basically what I was hearing :hammerhead:and I believe that this is why the owners were almost completely deaf to the proposal I was giving them, they were simply tired of hearing another proposal. But, it does take longer to fix someones screw ups rather that doing the job a new.
  4. S.I.

    S.I. LawnSite Senior Member
    from west
    Messages: 323

    I've run across a few of these. In most cases I tell the homeowners that I will remove the heads, and disconnect the lines from the water supply, from there I will do a complete install right through the old one. I don't like trying to figure out how bad someone else screwed something up, and then trying to figure out a way to make it work the way the customer 'thinks' it should. A new install usually runs cheaper than 'redoing' what somebody else screwed up.

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