Now I'm confused. Any advice.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nitro121, Oct 26, 2004.

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    I've been looking at a Yazoo/kee's ZTR for about 5600 w/ a 19 kaw. This past year was my first in part time business. I'd like to advertise more and see if I can make this thing grow. But then I read about the Jazee One (residential/commercial) and it seems well built and 3200 bucks. Here's my problem....unless I can get a decent guy to take my truck, trailer and mowers around (use a reg. riding mower now) I'll just be hoping to cut about 20-25 hours every two weeks and still work full time. Can a Jazee w/ maintenance hold up you think for next year and see if this thing takes off....they seem well built and I know it'll pay for itself like my equipment did this year. So here are my choices.

    1. Yazoo/Kee's $5600
    2. Jayzee One $3200


    3. Walk behind $3200'ish (more or less)

    Plus, why do people use walk behinds?? Some of them cost as much as a ZTR.

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    Depends on the size of the props and conditions you have it under. The Yazoo would be better in my opin. because if you decide to get out after a year better resale. If you decide to satay in then all the better equiped for next season. WB good for some situations ZTRs aren't. Overall twidth may be a factor, some offer the advantage of a smaller that normal ZTR deck but bigger than a 21. Depends on what you're doing. Look at your properties really closely and if possible rent one or demo one of each type and see which suits your work the best.

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