Now is a great do something Good!!


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As the holiday season cast it's shadow apon us its time to reflect and and give thanks for the many blessings and wisdom we all have received. We in the green industry see the stuff our customers have laying around. We see all kinds of folks every day.there is allways a great need for those folks barley or not even getting by. Regardless of what is going on day to day , children need to have a smile this time of the year...collect old bikes don't even have to be complete,toys,canned goods,clothing etc......turn them into your local churches,missions etc....hand out warm cloths to the homeless....adopt a family to provide Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner for..........give a couple of hours a week to a suicide or other type of help line in your area..If all members of LS and other green industry folks done just one little thing we Will make a difference in someone life for the future.......give somthing back to your community help those in need ,elderly , childeren, famliies,homeless,
etc....every child should have Christmas regardless of thier families standing....We take care of grass, bushes and plants everyday.....go out and help someone in someway many of us have free time this time of the year ...plant a seed and watch it grow......The best Christmas gift i remember was an old rusted oversized blue bike that was next to the tree with a note from santa explianing why it wasn't new and shiny.....Thanks Mom........May GOD bless all people this holiday season..............
Happy Holidays........

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Very well put Bushmaster. As one preacher on T.V. says, there must be an exchange in order for GOD to do his work for you. Make an effort, give of yourself, your time, your money, and it will be returned unto you. We're all in a position to help somebody somehow, just find a way and do it!