now thats a first for me

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Frontier-Lawn, Mar 31, 2006.

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    we're mowing at 5/8" here with our rye, so 1.5" wouldn't do a thing :p
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    If I had a customer make an odd request like that, I would write it down and get a signiture on it. A release from THEIR stupidity, and my advice. That way, if and when the time comes you can just show them it in writing. Thats there signiture, thats THEIR problem. They make the requests and I deliver to the best of my ability, but I cover my a$$ the whole way through!
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    Thats' exactly what I do. It works. I had a PITA customer a wahile back. Anything that you know the end result of that is bad practice on plants put it in writing. When You walk up to them with a folder and show them that signed paper, and the contract and clauses, it intimidates them and they know they are in the wrong. It's funny to see thier facial reactions when they see that signed paper.

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