Now This Is A Dump Truck

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by twj721, Nov 19, 2006.

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    wonder how long it takes to stop that
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    donnot really know but here is the length and weights of some of them

    A road train in Australia.Australian road transport has a reputation for using very large trucks (road trains). This is reflected in the most popular configurations of trucks generally having axles in groupings of 3 rather than 2, with either 4 or 6 tires on each axle. This means that Australian semi-trailers will often have 26 or even 32 wheels which is generally more than their counterparts in other countries. In total, the maximum length that any articulated vehicle may be is 53.5 metres (175.5 ft), its maximum load may be up to 115.5 tonnes (254,634 lb) gross and may have up to 4 trailers. However heavy restrictions apply to the areas where such a vehicle may travel in many of the more densely populated states. In less remote areas a truck is generally limited to two trailers to 26 metres (85 ft) long and in urban areas this length limit is further reduced to 19 metres (62 ft). 25 metre (82 ft), 62 tonne (136,686 lb) B-doubles are very common in all parts of Australia including state capitals and on certain roads actually outnumber single trailer configurations, however these vehicles typically travel at night and by law stay on main roads so are not encountered as often by passenger vehicle drivers. In remote areas such as the Northern Territory great care must be taken when sharing the road with longer articulated vehicles that often travel during the day time, especially 4 trailer road trains.

    In Australia, both conventional tractors and cabovers are common, however cabovers are most often seen on B-Doubles on the south east coast where the reduction in total length allows the vehicle to pull longer trailers and thus more cargo than it would otherwise.
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