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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by David Hartzog, Nov 15, 2000.

  1. David Hartzog

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    I live in a small town around 15,000 strong.There is this new coffee shop moving in they have a very nice store they
    will have the grand opening in a few weeks.(lots of upper class people will be there.)
    I have this great idea i am new to lawn care as of june this year.
    I want to really get my name out so the idea i had was during the grand opening i could give away free stuff drinks so forth thru drawings of the first weekand for a few months.
    They would fill out a card asking name so forth and if they have a lawn care. Are they happy with them.and would they like a free bid.
    Now what i would like is some advice on any idea's.
    Thank you so much
    David Hartzog
  2. Likestomow

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    If the owner of the coffee shop is giving away door prizes, then you could make a donation of your services available for those drawings. I would suggest you give away something like a free soil analysis or a free fertilization treatment. They won't cost you much and you might be able to convert the winner into a customer this way.

    If there won't be door prizes, I'd ask the coffee shop owner if you could display a brochure (with card attached) along with a special offer. Something like "First Mowing Free" with a Seasonal Service Agreement. If you are presenting to an upper class of people, I'd consult with a printer to get a very nice layout so you look professional. You will have to spend some money here, but if you only get one customer you will still come out ahead. If you get a good printed piece to display, I would bet you will get more than one.

    Go for it, and best wishes.
  3. powerreel

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    I thought you had filed chapter 11 after being in the biz for some time. Then taco bell pinned you down with daddys truck or an old lady ruffled youe feathers at the gate or something like that? I think this might be kirby
  4. jeffyr

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    Welcome back. You must have been hard at work all summer and fall.

    Here is an idea. Try to get the landscaping job for the coffee shop. It will be good press. When all the upper crust come in for the grand opening, they will see the wonderful work you do , along with your logo somewhere in the display, and you could still used the suggestion of Likestomow and offer a prize or 2.

  5. Charles

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    David, you might want to ask management and their approval before you do this. We know your track record lol

    BUSHMASTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    What ever you decide to do ....Get it in writing..and signed.good luck...
  7. Greenkeepers

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    Don't just go to the opening and start passing out cards and giving stuff away. Ie: Don't start service without owners knowledge and contract (Taco Bell ????)

    Make sure you have the owners approval and maybe even have a meeting to get to know them so that they can pass the word around for you..


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