Now this is CHEAP Fuel

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Fantasy Lawns, May 9, 2006.

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    The woman who went in and tattled at the end of the article deserves a good swift kick in the head.
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    Well I know where I would drive my mower.
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    Now, look at this from YOUR perspective. What if you accidently sent a bill to a customer for an extremely low price. Now, multiply this by many. You would lose your butt. You would be very grateful if these customers paid the correct amount. If they paid the very low price and refused to pay the rest, how would you feel. Now, if it were a dime or so wrong on the gas, then thats not a going out of business price.

    I would have went inside and told too. Its integrity that sets some people apart from others.

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    grasscapes, I agree with your point, however the problem is certain powers that be are robbing us at the pump, that is not fair either..
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    Its not the gas stations... Its the oil companies that drive prices. Granted, they are making a profit. But think of it this way....Would you want someone to tell YOU how much profit was fair? I agree that gas is high, but americans did it to themselves by not heeding the warnings from the 70's.

    Count how many large SUV's you see in any given day with one person in them. Do you think they would save gas in a smaller car? Americans are hungry for their SUV's. Now, we all drive larger vehicles in the course of business, but when the day is done, I drive a tiny little car.

    America is a nation dependant upon other contries for their gluttoneous appetite for oil, and until that dependancy is stopped, THEY are the ones who will control the price.
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    That happened to me once. I only had 5.00 on me and my tank was reading empty. I stopped at the local gas station and told them 5.00 worth. I went out and started pumping and i had to go back in and get 3 dollars change back. I went back out and was looking at the pump and it was .05. At the end of the day i went back, but they had fixed the problem.
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    While I agree that we may be getting robbed at the pump, it is certainly not the gas station robbing you. For instance this week, I am paying 2.85/gallon and have to sell it for 2.89 to compete.
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    The same thing happened near here a couple of weeks ago. Instead of the pump reading $2.89, it read $.289. A guy called into the local radio station and said he just filled up fifty gallons for about $15. It must have been going on for awhile because the guy said the cars were lining up behind him when he was on the phone with the radio station. I guarantee you somebody got fired that day!:)

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